Understanding GCC High Security Controls

The Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) is designed specifically for United States government agencies and contractors to meet stringent compliance requirements. Here’s a breakdown of key security controls that make GCC High a trustworthy environment for managing sensitive information.

Enhanced Identity Verification

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Ensures that user access requires more than one method of authentication, significantly reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access.
  2. Federated Identity Management: Allows for secure sign-in with credentials provided by trusted identity providers.

Data Protection

  1. Advanced Data Encryption: Data at rest and in transit is protected using strong encryption, ensuring that even if data is intercepted, it remains unreadable to unauthorized parties.
  2. Information Rights Management: Controls and manages who has access to the organization’s data and how they can interact with it.

Network Security

  1. Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Monitors traffic for signs of suspicious activity and blocks potential threats.
  2. Firewall Configuration: Customizable settings to control traffic between different zones of trust.

Compliance Assurance

  1. Continuous Compliance: Regular audits and real-time policy enforcement help GCC High meet government-specific compliance requirements.
  2. Audit Logging and Reporting: Provides traceability of all user actions and administrative changes to maintain a high level of transparency.

Disaster Recovery

  1. Secure Data Backup: Automatically creates secure and retrievable backups of critical data.
  2. High Availability Architecture: Minimizes downtime by maintaining redundancy in data centers.

Incident Response and Remediation

  1. Automated Threat Response: Quickly identifies and mitigates threats across all services.
  2. Forensic Data Analysis: Tools for investigating and analyzing after a security incident.

Physical Security

  1. Secure Data Centers: Limited physical access to data centers where information is stored, monitored by surveillance and professional security staff.
  2. Environmental Safeguards: Protection against natural disasters and environmental hazards with robust infrastructure.

By integrating these security controls, GCC High provides a comprehensive cloud platform that meets federal standards for security and compliance, making it an ideal choice for organizations that handle sensitive government data.