Facial Filler Safety: What You Need to Know Before Your Treatment

Facial fillers are more popular than ever, giving people an easy way to rejuvenate their appearance without having to go under the knife. Facial fillers (also known as dermal fillers) can smooth wrinkles and fine lines, plump up areas where volume has been lost, and enhance the natural contours of the face and jawline. They require virtually no downtime and results are immediate, although some fillers will continue to stimulate collagen production and restructuring weeks after the injection. While this all sounds great, facial fillers are still considered a medical procedure that carries inherent risks, so you need to do your due diligence before getting any injection. In this post, we’ll talk about what facial fillers are and safety precautions you should take before your filler appointment.

What are Facial Fillers?

Facial filler is a blanket term for a variety of volume-boosting substances offered by many different brands. Fillers usually have a gel-like consistency and varying thicknesses, depending on their intended treatment area. The FDA has approved several types of facial fillers for cosmetic use – hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular due to their low chance of complications, but there are other effective filler ingredients such as poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and polymethylmethacrylate microspheres. An experienced injector can go over the different types of facial fillers and help you decide on the best one for you.

Choosing the Right Aesthetic Expert

Choosing the right injector is just as important as using the right filler. An inexperienced, untrained injector can cause some serious medical issues if the filler is not injected properly. Don’t be scared to ask the injector you’re considering for before & after photos, and evidence of their training and credentials. A trained and experienced injector won’t just know the science behind injecting fillers but will also understand the art of injecting, precisely placing the filler so as to enhance the client’s natural beauty without looking too overdone.

Understanding the Risks

Facial fillers are safe to use for almost everyone, but they still have some risks that you should consider before being injected. Redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site is common but usually subsides in just a few days. Severe side effects like an allergic reaction to one of the filler ingredients, infection at the injection site, or damage to the blood vessels or nerves is also possible, although very rare. A trained injector will know how to monitor for these side effects and what to do if they do occur.

Preparing for Your Facial Filler Appointment

There are a few things you can do before your facial filler appointment to minimize swelling and bruising while also enhancing your results:

  • Don’t drink alcohol for 72 hours prior to your appointment
  • Stop taking any blood thinners for one week prior to your appointment (talk to your medical doctor about this first)
  • Stop using any NSAIDs, such as aspirin and Ibuprofen, for one week prior to your appointment. Use acetaminophen instead if you can.
  • Stop taking any herbal supplements
  • Start taking oral arnica montana the day before your appointment and continue through the following day or as directed
  • Avoid salty foods a several days prior to your appointment
  • Do not use depilatory treatments (including tweezing or waxing hair) for at least two days prior to your appointment
  • If you get cold sores, talk to your injector about starting a round of antiviral medicine to prevent an outbreak
  • Give the injector your entire health history, including any planned upcoming procedures
  • Do not get facial filler if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Aftercare is Essential

Safety concerns should still be a priority after your facial filler appointment is over. Always follow the advice of a professional for your aftercare instructions and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will likely tell you to avoid certain activities for a period of time after your filler injections, plus they will inform you on how to manage post-procedure pain, swelling, and bruising. If you really want the best results possible, do not ignore this important information!

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