How To Transform An Outdoor Space with Solar Fountain Pumps

What if you could transform your backyard into a welcoming space or escape that you can step into and feel worlds away from everything?

If you start by designing a comfortable area to hang out and pair it with flowing water from a plug-and-play solar fountain pump, the entire transformation may be fairly easy.  

The Benefit of Outdoor Living Spaces

We spend so much time making sure that our interior living spaces are just right without taking advantage of the extra square footage that lies right outside the door. 

Outdoor living spaces can be so beneficial — especially when they are transformed into a place you find comfort and peace in. 

Just take a look at the benefits of inviting an outdoor living space into your life. 

  • Reduce stress by relaxing in a serene environment
  • Improve your mood and overall mental well-being
  • Boost your immune system thanks to the vitamin D from the sun and the fresh air
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Strengthen relationships and bond with friends, your partner, and your kids by having time to interact in a comfortable setting free from many everyday distractions

As adults, when life gets busy, it is easy to forget just how much we enjoy spending time outdoors and moving at a slower pace. Including the sounds of water in this space can promote harmony and tranquility. 

The positive surroundings and the fresh air are likely to be as transformative for you as it is for your backyard. It can lead to a healthier and happier life overall. 

Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

A quick online search will prove that you can transform your outdoor space in any way that fits your style and your preference. And, since solar fountain pumps are incredibly versatile, they enable you to enhance your personalized outdoor space in a way that fits. 

While the possibilities are truly endless, below are a few ideas to help you get started on creating your own outdoor space transformation using solar fountain pumps. 

  • Outdoor Fountains. Hearing the sound of the flowing water in an outdoor fountain can truly enhance your space. Your fountain can be as big or small or as decorative as you’d like. Just make sure it is where you can enjoy all it has to offer. 
  • A Koi Pond. Having a Koi pond is like a gigantic fish bowl – but better. You may be surprised by how relaxing it can be just to hang out with the Koi in your backyard. Plus, a solar fountain pump is an easy way to keep the pond (and the fish) thriving. 
  • A Bird Bath. Having a quiet outdoor space isn’t complete without wildlife. Invite the birds in with a bath in the freshest water. 
  • Start a Garden. If you have been wanting to spend more time outdoors, why not start a garden? This will give you more reason to get outside and you will feel good about the fruits of your labor. Whether produce or flowers, a solar fountain pump can keep everything hydrated just right. 

Getting Started on Your Outdoor Transformation

Do you have a vision for your backyard space?

Start in one area and start bringing it together. Just be sure to consider a few key pieces, such as seating and lighting. And, a few extra for pizzazz, including: 

  • Some type of covering or umbrella
  • An outdoor rug
  • A table 
  • Plants and/or flowers
  • A grill 
  • A mini outdoor refrigerator

Once you begin your outdoor transformation, the ideas are likely to start flowing as well as the water from your solar-powered water fountain pump.

Why Choose Solar Fountain Pumps?

When you want to create a backyard space you can feel good about,  you want to be able to enjoy it as soon as possible. That means finding quick solutions that will give you everything you are looking for — without spending too much time on the installation.  

Solar fountain pumps make the perfect solution. They are easy to install yourself. What’s more, since they are powered by the sun and not electricity, they can be placed anywhere! There is no need to go through the hassle of hiring an electrician, saving you money. 

The result? You can start enjoying your outdoor space right away. 

Solariver offers plug-and-play solar-powered water pump kits that are not only easy to set up but that enhance any type of landscape. Their products are widely used for birdbaths, small water features, fountains and ponds, hydro- and aquaponics, waterfalls, and more.