How to Dress or Your Professional Headshots

Obtaining a professional headshot isn’t just for aspiring actors; all individuals in the corporate world need one, too. When preparing for a professional headshot, there are many tips and guidance to consider. Including professional headshots as a part of one’s strategy to distinguish themselves in their respective industry or sector is essential. To ensure you leave a lasting positive impression, carefully consider your attire for your headshot session.

Try to Wear Appropriate Colors

When deciding what to wear for your professional headshot, it’s advisable to opt for understated, solid colors instead of bold and busy patterns or plaids. Your choice of color palette should commence with consideration of your skin tone and eye color, as these factors vary from person to person. The objective is to select colors that contrast your skin, attire, and the backdrop.

Stick with neutral tones and lean toward simplicity. Subdued colors will direct the viewer’s focus towards you rather than your clothing. Neutral hues like navy blue, black, gray, and brown can impart a timeless and appealing appearance to potential employers. It’s wise to avoid overly bright clothing; avoiding vivid colors like red and yellow is a best practice. White attire can sometimes cause you to appear washed out in photos, so instead, opt for darker shades like blues and greens that stand out against the background. If you opt for a white shirt or top, ensure the environment provides a contrasting, darker color.

Add Subtle Accessories

Enhancing your appearance with subtle accessories can elevate your overall look, provided you do so thoughtfully. Opting for discrete items that won’t divert attention from your face is advisable. Consider minimal jewelry, scarves, and coordinated ties for men as suitable choices. Ensure these additions don’t overshadow your attire or distract excessively from your facial features. When it comes to jewelry, maintain a tasteful and understated approach, avoiding overly extravagant pieces. It’s best to steer clear of loud and intricate patterns and vibrant colors like red, yellow, pink, and orange, as they tend to divert focus away from your face. 

Note: You may consider something with a bit of color for your glasses simply because it is a reflection of you, and simultaneously draws attention to your eyes and face.

Make Sure It Fits Both You and the Role!

To make a memorable impression in your photo, it’s essential to wear smart business attire that fits you well, free from baggy areas or the need to conceal your midsection. Approach your wardrobe choices with a ‘think like a boss’ mentality. Consider what attire your superior would wear, and dress for the position or role you aspire to rather than your current one. Adhere to industry norms when selecting your outfit. If this means donning a tie or suit, ensure you wear it in your photo.

Invest effort into presenting a polished and sophisticated appearance. This will distinguish you in competitive industries. The ideal outfits for professional headshots should exhibit a touch of personality and exude confidence. Steer clear of t-shirts and jeans, as overly casual attire is generally unsuitable for headshot sessions, lacking the professional aura required for corporate settings. Instead, opt for clothing that leans towards the formal side (but not as extravagant as ball gowns or tuxedos), such as blazers paired with dress shirts, tops, skirts, sweaters, or knitwear. Once again, avoid vivid colors like hot pinks, purples, reds, or yellows. Also, be mindful of colors that may blend with the background, making you less distinguishable.

Joseph Rosenfeld is an image consultant that sees people in great detail and with empathy and honesty. He inspires his clients to live up to their full potential and his in-depth approach to building quality presence creates a framework for understanding their it-factor, facilitating self confidence.