8 Ways to Make the Wedding Day Easier for the Wedding Party

Whether you’re the one getting married or you’re part of the wedding party, the big day is always filled with both joy and some stress. Planning and preparation are crucial for helping to create as smooth a wedding day as possible. It’s easy to overlook day-of details so here are eight ways to make a wedding day easier for everyone.

1- Have an Itinerary for the Big Day

Create a written schedule with times, locations, and activities so that everyone in the wedding party is on the same page. Post the schedule in the wedding party’s individual rooms, and also email it to them so it’s handy on their phone. Plan to create and distribute your itinerary ahead of time so people know what to expect for the big day, especially if the wedding party is heavily involved in the on-site wedding activities.

2- Have a Contacts List

Create a contacts list of everyone in the wedding party, as well as all of the wedding vendors including the caterers, venue, florists, and anyone else involved in the day-of event. This ensures that if there’s an emergency or someone is missing that they can be easily contacted.

3- Hire Transportation

Planning the transportation to and from the venue, hotel and other locations is critical to ensure that the big day goes as smoothly as possible. Consider hiring a professional charter bus transportation company that can accommodate the size of your wedding party, and that is available for all of the transportation for the entire day. Hiring one transportation company that can handle your transportation helps reduce the risk of working with multiple companies or taxis.

4- Allow Buffer Time

It’s tempting to schedule back-to-back activities for the wedding day, but try to allow some buffer time between activities. This will greatly reduce the stress and chaos of a wedding, and also give the wedding party enough time to get from one location to another.

5- Delegate to Friends and Family

The more people that can be involved in the wedding day, the less stressful it’ll be for everyone. Delegating tasks to the wedding party, friends, and family helps everyone be involved in the big day but also allows them to be focused on only one or just a handful of tasks so they don’t get overwhelmed. Loved ones are always honored to help in some way as well.

6- Plan Stress-Busting Activities

Build stress-busting activities directly into the day’s schedule to help everyone stay calm and relaxed so they can enjoy the day. Consider interjecting activities throughout the day such as a champagne toast or small snack break.

7- Don’t Overeat or Drink Too Much

Indulging during a wedding can be easy with food and drinks being catered. Avoid overeating and drinking so that the focus can be on the wedding and not on overindulgence.

8- Remember Your Why

The bride, groom, and wedding party are there to enjoy the wedding, but remember that the intent of having a wedding is to create a memory of this special day. Instead of remembering the day as stressful, keeping a calm and positive attitude during the entire day will help create a fun yet memorable experience for everyone.

The wedding day is a moment in time that everyone remembers for the rest of their life. Planning and preparation are key to creating a memorable wedding day that’s filled with love, joy, and celebration.