8 Crucial Reasons Why Houses Need Pest Control in the Fall

Pest control is an important aspect of homeownership that should be on your mind year-round. After all, no one wants their homes to be invaded by bugs and critters that could ruin their property or impact their health. With all this in mind, there are certain seasons where pest control should be heavily prioritized. Take, for example, pest control in autumn. Let’s take a look at eight crucial reasons why houses need pest control in the fall and why you should focus on it immediately.

1. Mice and Rat Infestations Are Most Common in the Fall

We all want to bundle up and stay inside our warm homes during the winter, and pests like mice and rats do too. Mice and rat infestations are most common during the fall, which is why preventative measures should be taken to keep them out before they try to find their way in.

2. You Can Avoid All the Flies, Ants, and Cockroaches

Flies, ants, and cockroaches are all quite prevalent during the summer months. But like mice and rats, many insects are looking for somewhere warm to move into during the fall as it leads into winter. Insects can be quite difficult to remove, which is why fall pest control is so critical.

3. Hornets and Wasps Become More Agitated

Not all insects are going to invade your home. Some are just more dangerous during the fall. Examples of this situation include hornets and wasps. When the weather gets colder, they’re more likely to sting because they’re agitated. The last thing you want to experience while enjoying your time outside is angry wasps or hornets.

4. Termites May Come Up to Your Home for Food

Termites tend to borrow during fall and winter. This means that homeowners may feel especially safe during these months. The problem? Some termites may burrow back up for survival, and your house could be just what they need to get through the cold weather.

5. It Helps You Identify Any Potential Areas of Entry

Conducting regular pest control in the fall helps you identify any points of entry that pests can use to get into your home. You might not notice them throughout the year, but you could have cracks in windows and doors, tears in your screens, or even missing roof shingles.

6. It Defends Against Structural Damage

Many pests cause damage to the home that worsens over time. This is not only troubling but expensive as well. Regular fall pest control helps you protect your home in the long run.

7. It Keeps Animals From Making a Home in Your Warm House

From squirrels to raccoons, your home is appealing to many animals when the temperature drops. Pest control can make sure areas like your attic are pest-proof so you don’t have to worry about anything making a home in there.

8. Your Appliances Remain Pest-Free

Some insects not only enjoy the warmth of your home but the warmth of your appliances as well. They become considerably harder to get rid of when they find a home there. Use fall to make sure they are never able to get inside of your electronics.

Focusing on pest control during the fall can mean the difference between a safe living space and one infested by insects and other critters. If it isn’t on your to-do list yet, make sure to shut down pests this upcoming autumn before they can invade your space.