Powering Student’s Success

Higher education is a goal for many high schoolers, however; some students have found that subjects like math and english are holding them back. In an attempt to solve this issue gateway courses have been introduced to help prepare students better. Nationally only 16% of community college students completed both math and english in their first year. It has been found that a student’s success in their first year can help with retention. Studies have found that 45% of students who complete both gateway courses graduate in three years. Only 20% of students that do not take part in the gateway courses graduate in three years. Providing these courses can help better prepare students for their future.

Gateway courses focus on two big components to create their success. The first one is placement and the second is pedagogy. Placement into these courses revolves around a couple different factors. These factors include assessment tests, highschool coursework, and highschool GPA. The second focus is, pedagogy, the design of effective coursework. This helps ensure that the strategies used for these courses are met with the support the students need. The use of gateway courses, along with other institutional programs, can help students be more comfortable and supported.

Gateway Course for Student Success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative