Living in the Historic City of Louisville

Louisville is an old city, one of the oldest in America. It was actually chartered in honor of King Louis XVI. This means it’s been through the ups and downs of America, and has some of the longest running establishments. Many of these continue today, and all have dense histories to dive into. 

When it comes to sports, Louisville has birthed some great athletes and events. The Kentucky Derby, America’s longest running sports event, is held here. Soccer is also surprisingly prominent, with a national women’s and major league men’s soccer team. Finally the Lousiville Cardinals are a beloved Division I college basketball team. 

Looking back, Muhammad Ali was born and introduced to boxing in Louisville. Today museums, airports, and other public sites exist in his name. The Kentucky Colonels were one of the best basketball teams of their time, housed in Louisville. Although they were actually members of the American Basketball Association, and failed to merge with the NBA. 
Outside of sports, Louisville has great food, other prominent celebrities like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence, and low prices. It’s a city that manages to bridge the gap between being livable and exciting. This is due mainly to its history. There are few cities with as many old homes, museums, and sports teams. The Victorian homes that still stand here today are a remnant of a time passed. It’s a historic city because it has a history unlike any other, there’s only one Louisville. Learn more about Louisville real estate below:

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty