How to Choose a Rug That Makes a Space Feel Inviting

Rugs are a great way to make your home feel more inviting; however, too many rug choices can be overbearing. How do you choose a rug that will make your space feel more welcoming and contribute to the overall décor of your room? Below are a few tips to help you choose a rug that will be the perfect addition to your interior space.


Choose a rug with colors that match or complement the surrounding décor. For example, if you have orange or peach-colored walls, select a rug with shades of yellow or tangerine. If you are choosing an area rug for your patio, choose colors that complement the color of your patio furniture and any other decorations you have outside.


Choose a rug that complements your room style. For example, if you have a modern-styled bathroom with light colors like white and light taupe or beige stools in the bathroom and tub surround, then select a contemporary rug. If you have an older home with period furniture, opt for a rug that will compliment your style.


The size of the room, or room space, will determine the size of your rug. If you are using a rug in a large space like the living room or den, consider purchasing a larger rug instead of several smaller rugs. Small rugs in smaller spaces like bathrooms and even bedrooms work well in creating separation between areas or furniture pieces.


Cost is always the top consideration when purchasing a new area rug. Budget your lifestyle and monthly expenses to find the most affordable selection.


As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment and the natural world, choosing sustainable rugs is becoming more popular. The choice to purchase a rug made from sustainable fabrics or materials will maintain the health of your home while also keeping resources within your home. For this reason, choosing a rug that is made with sustainable materials is important to consider.

Easy to Maintain

Choosing your area rug is a large consideration if it is easy to maintain. If you have pets or small children, consider a rug that will be easier to clean, like one made with wool or an area rug with a thin pile of fibers.

Environmentally Friendly

This is a top consideration for consumers and designers across the country. Choosing eco-friendly products is becoming more common in design and architecture. Opt for buying an area rug from a manufacturer that has made their product with the consumer’s health in mind.


Consider choosing an area rug that is soft but not too thick so that it will be comfortable for you to walk on. Consider the thickness of the fibers, foam backing, and padding, if applicable, to make this decision.

When choosing an area rug, think about each of the points listed above to create a customized selection that meets your needs, style preferences, and budget needs. Some rugs are sold in sets, so finding two or three rugs you love to use together is also a great way to find the perfect selection for your home.