How to Use Oriental and Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs can add so much to your home decor project. From their intricate patterns and designs to their gorgeous colors, Oriental and Persian area rugs can give your room depth, texture, and flair. Keep reading to find out how to maximize this look by incorporating Oriental and Persian rugs seamlessly into your home decor style.

Make Your Persian Rug the Focal Point

Persian and Oriental rugs are a statement all on their own. They shouldn’t compete with anything else like colorful art or accessories. To make a Persian or Oriental rug really stand out, the rest of the room should remain muted and understated. This helps draw the eyes directly to the rug and ensures the intricacies of the detailed work of the rug remain front and center.

Mix and Match Patterns Carefully

Image via Flickr by Grillo Rugs

Mixing and matching patterns can help to make a room really pop, but you have to make sure to do it right. It’s possible to weave Oriental or Persian rugs into a space alongside other patterns and fabrics. To make sure you keep this look from turning into a busy scene with clashing pieces, remember to stick to the same color family.  This tip can help you mix and match patterns and still ensure your design project is stylish and elegant.

Complement the Rug

To make your Oriental or Persian rug really pop, add a handful of accents around the room in one of the undertones in the rug to bring it out even further. If the rug is mainly red with hints of orange or yellow, add a single orange or yellow accent pillow or centerpiece on the coffee table. By complementing the color of the rug gently, you can help bring out the beauty of the rug even more and highlight the hidden colors.

Use Your Rug to Create a Visual Pathway

A Persian or Oriental rug also works really well in creating a visual pathway. Consider adding a long, narrow rug in the entrance to a bathroom or down a long hallway. This helps draw the eyes into a room. The mesmerizing patterns will create a visual pathway, which works really well in open-concept spaces that don,t have traditional dividers. 

Layer Your Rug

These designer-style rugs are amazing for adding texture and color to a room, but they don’t always serve the purpose of covering up the whole floor or acting as a sound barrier. To detour around this problem and maximize style, try covering the floor with a wide sisal rug and layer it with a Persian or Oriental rug for added warmth and flair. 

Adding an Oriental or Persian Rug to your home can make all the difference in your interior design projects. They can add color, warmth, style, and texture to your home and make the entire room the focal point of your home. One gorgeous rug is all it takes to completely transform your home.