Expert Tips for Storing Christmas Lights 

In between Christmas seasons, storing holiday lights properly is essential for preserving them for seasonal use and preventing costly repairs or replacements. Storing these delicate decorations can be a bit troubling so here are seven expert tips to help you store your Christmas lights safely and securely:

1. Get the Right Storage Container

Invest in a storage container specifically designed for Christmas lights. This ensures that the wires will not become tangled and that the container will hold all of your lights. These types of containers can usually be found at your local home improvement store.

2. Store Lights by Length

Before packing your lights away, group them together by size and length. This will make it much easier to unpack and hang them in the next season. This will also make it easier to identify any broken lights that need to be replaced.

3. Wrap Strands Around Cards

Using old gift cards or pieces of cardboard, wrap each strand of lights around it. This will help keep the strands from getting tangled and make them easier to unpack in the next season. When wrapping around the cards, make sure to use a clockwise direction so that the lights will unwind in the opposite direction.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Store your Christmas light storage container away from any extreme temperatures which could cause damage to the wires. Keeping the container in a cool, dry place is best. If possible, keep the container away from any humidity.

5. Secure Loose Wires

Before packing away the lights, make sure to secure any loose wires or connectors with twist ties or electrical tape. This will help ensure that all of your lights are stored properly and may prevent damage during storage. In case of longer strands, it is best to wind the strand into a circular shape before securing.

6. Label Each Strand

Label each strand of lights with a piece of tape or a marker. This will make it much easier to find the right strand when unpacking them in the next season. If you use certain strands of lights for specific decorations, label the strand according to its purpose.

7. Clean and Repair Lights

Before packing away your Christmas lights, take the time to clean and repair any damaged bulbs or wires. This will help ensure that the lights are in good condition when they are unpacked again. It will also help you identify any bulbs or wires that need to be replaced before the next season.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your Christmas lights will be stored safely and securely and ready to use again in future seasons. Store your lights properly so that you can enjoy a bright holiday season each year. Happy Holidays!  ​