How Do Frame Machines Work When Straightening Your Car Frame?

Frame machines are one of the most important tools in body shop technology. These machines make it possible to accurately straighten a car frame after an accident or other damage to the vehicle’s structure. But how exactly do these machines work?

How It Starts

The process begins by attaching mounting points on the frame of the car. Depending on what type of machine is used, these mounting points may be hydraulic clamps, metal jacks, or chains. This will enable the machine to grab onto the frame and move it into position.

Taking Measurements

Once the car is in place on the frame machine, technicians use specialized measuring devices to determine how much damage has been done to the frame and which adjustments need to be made for it to return to its original shape. This includes comparing measurements from before and after photos, as well as measuring the angle and distance of any bends or twists in the frame.

Having accurate measurements is vital to the process as one small misstep can cause the structure of the frame to be compromised, and if left unnoticed, can be extremely dangerous once you are back on the road.

Making Adjustments

After the measurements have been taken, technicians use the frame machine’s hydraulic system to slowly and carefully pull or push on different parts of the car frame in order to correct any bends or other deformations. Due to the precise nature of the process, it will take place

very gradually in order to ensure that the frame does not suffer from further damage. This is not a process that can be hurried along without compromising the integrity of the frame of the vehicle.

Testing The Alignment

Once all of the bends and deformations have been corrected, technicians test the car’s alignment to make sure that it is within manufacturer specifications. This allows them the opportunity to correct any mistakes and ensure the safety of the vehicle once more. Once this process is complete, the car frame has been successfully straightened and is ready for repairs.

Frame machines are an essential tool in any body shop and can be used to restore a vehicle’s frame back to its original shape. By understanding the process of how frame machines work when straightening a car frame, you can ensure that your vehicle will be repaired correctly and safely.

This helps ensure that your car is safe and reliable after an accident or other damage has occurred. Additionally, using a professional body shop with experienced technicians who know how to use frame machines correctly will help ensure that your car is repaired properly. With the right tools, experience and knowledge, you can trust that your vehicle’s frame will be straightened correctly and safely.