How to Upgrade Your Windows

98 million homes in the US are classified as under-insulated. Windows are a major reason why. All over the country, homeowners lose hundreds of dollars every year from not plugging air gaps around their windows. These gaps allow heat or AC to escape, forcing HVAC systems to work harder during the most extreme seasons of the year.

While replacing windows can bring long term savings, many people balk at the upfront costs. It can cost $1,000 or more to replace a single window, and many houses have several windows in need of replacement. But if you’re going to be in a house for a long time, why not make it the most insulated and soundproof it can be?

There are 2 important parts of every window: the frames and the panes. Frames should be made of new vinyl. It’s affordable, insulating, and moisture resistant. No other material has all those qualities. 

For panes, double panes are up to 31% more energy efficient than single pane windows. Triple panes bring that total up to 48% more energy efficient. That said, you do have to pay for more glass to double (or triple) up.  The air space between panes traps heat.

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