Choosing the Right Printer for Your Small Business

Many don’t give enough thought to what printer they need for their business. Printers can’t be so important if everyone has a screen on them all the time, so why waste time on a printer? But printers deserve more attention – they’re the beating heart of companies around the world. Over half of all businesses say they cannot operate without a printer and companies in law, auto, and healthcare print hundreds of pages per day. For small businesses, printers are important, with 8 in 10 small businesses relying on printers for daily tasks.

Printers being so vital for companies around the world means that when they break, fast decisions have to be made to stay on track. The majority of small business owners already have a difficult time reliably sourcing office supplies, making printer repairs and replacements even slower. This forces many to purchase a smaller, consumer grade printer that can’t handle the tasks it’s needed to. Buying a printer that will be overworked and break can be a huge waste of time and money. Setting it up in your network and spending money on printer ink adds up fast, especially with printer ink being over $10,000 a gallon. 
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Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought