AI Paves the Road to People Skills

We all heard the old saying “robots will take over the world someday.” We also see it in movies, tv shows, and other media warning us not to let technology take over the jobs that humans can do. While there is some merit to that statement, we are beings that are complex and creative in ways that technology can’t replicate. However, it’s an exaggeration to say that technology will fully replace human workers. AI and other digital assistants can be the stepping stone to helping human workers focus more on the people aspect of business rather than the more menial tasks at work.
Work time would be cut a lot shorter when one can use AI like Alex and Siri to help us sort and prioritize tasks so we can get them done sooner. And data collection and cleaning programs like SQL and Python can turn huge messy data points and form them into something workable for us to use to create actionable steps using the data. With AI handling the busy work of those tasks, we as human workers can develop our people skills to build better connections with other people. Noted skills we can learn that will enhance the human aspect of the workforce are visualizing data, emotional intelligence, negotiation, and creativity. These skills combined with working with AI technology will create an innovative and efficient workforce in the years to come.

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