8 Reasons Why Fishing in Alaska is Superior to Any Other Area

If your idea of a good time is going fishing, you have to spend your next vacation fishing in Alaska. Sure, the world is filled with excellent fishing holes, lakes, and oceans, but Alaska is a fishing paradise bar none.

1. Alaska Has It All

Alaska has three million lakes, twelve large rivers, thousands of streams and ponds, and over sixty thousand miles of shoreline encompassing majestic fjords, beaches, deep water, and hundreds of different ecosystems teaming with fish. You can fly-fish for trout, hook salmon, and go deep-sea fishing for halibut all during the same week-long vacation.

2. Alaska is Unspoiled

Unlike most parts of the world, relatively few people live in Alaska, so most of the fish have a chance to grow to full size before being caught. Ten-pound trout, 30-pound salmon, and 400-pound halibut are extremely common, and catching trophy-sized fish is not unusual. As a bonus, since the waters in and around Alaska are relatively unpolluted, you can feast on your catch rather than letting it go (if you want to, that is).

3. You Can Fish in Alaska Year-Round

So your work only lets you take your vacation in April or November? Not to worry. The fishing in Alaska is excellent year-round. In the winter, there is fabulous ice fishing, and in the summer, enjoy fishing under the Midnight Sun. Fall and spring have endless opportunities for fishing.

4. You Can Go Solo or With a Buddy

Is your dream vacation a week spent alone or with just your best friend in an isolated cabin next to a lake loaded with salmon? There are a lot of truly isolated fishing cabins available to rent in Alaska.

5. You Can Take a Guided Tour

If you prefer to spend your fishing vacation under the watchful eye of a professional, there are a lot of high-quality fishing companies that can set up a trip for you, complete with supplies and an expert guide who knows where all the fish lurk and what lures work the best to draw them out.

6. You Can Go Deep-Sea Fishing

Although the first thing most people think of when you say “fish” and “Alaska” is “salmon”, true fishing aficionados think of “halibut”. Halibut lurk on the ocean bottom off the shores of Alaska and can be quite challenging to hook. They are also huge and can reach up to 500 pounds.

7. You Can Bring Your Non-Fishing Family Members

Alaska is packed with outdoor and indoor activities for non-fishing family members to enjoy while you head off to the trout stream. Later, you can get together for dinner and talk about how much fun you all had, and perhaps you can take a day off fishing and go on a sightseeing tour with the family.

8. You Can Fish and Do Other Things

Unlike most places, you can plan a diverse vacation in Alaska that includes sightseeing, excellent restaurants, clubs, culture, hiking, camping, and first-class fishing. All within the same vacation.