6 Common Misconceptions About Moving During the Winter

Moving is always a pain, but most people believe that it’s even worse during the winter. The cold weather, the holiday season, and the shorter days can make relocating seem like a daunting task. However, it is not as bad as it seems! There are many benefits to moving during the winter. Here are six common misconceptions about winter moves.

1- It is Too Cold to Move

While it is undoubtedly colder during winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t move. You just have to take some precautions like dressing warmly and taking breaks indoors to thaw out. If you are hiring professional movers, they will be experienced in working in colder temperatures and will take the necessary precautions.

2- Moving Companies Are Closed

Like other businesses, moving companies do slow down during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean they are closed for business. You may have to book your move a little bit in advance, but you will still be able to find a reputable company to help you with your relocation. Be sure to check with your chosen moving company to see their winter hours and days of operation. If they are closed on the day you need to move, you may be able to find another open company.

3- The Weather Will Damage Your Belongings

If you are worried about your belongings getting damaged in the cold weather, don’t be. Moving companies ensure that your belongings are protected from the cold. They will wrap them in blankets and other materials to keep them warm and dry. Some companies even have climate-controlled trucks that they use to transport your belongings.

4- It Will Be More Difficult to Move

While moving during winter may take a little more effort, it is not impossible. You may need to shovel a path to the moving truck and be extra careful on icy sidewalks. But, as long as you take your time and are careful, you should be able to move without any problems.

5- Your Belongings Will Freeze

Even if it is cold outside, your belongings will not freeze. Most moving companies use heaters in their trucks to keep your belongings warm. Even if they don’t have heaters, your belongings will be packed tightly together, which will prevent them from freezing.

6- Moving Companies Will Charge More

Many people think that moving companies charge more during winter, but this is not always the case. Some companies offer discounts for people who move during the winter since fewer people are moving, and companies are looking to fill their trucks. You can even negotiate with your chosen company to get a lower price.

Now that you know some of the common misconceptions about moving during winter, you can decide if it is the right time for you to move. If you can get a lower price on movers and moving services, it may be worth it to move during the winter. Just be sure to dress warmly and take your time. This way, you can avoid any problems and have a successful move.