Insurance Card Scan Automation in Healthcare

Insurance seems to be an industry ripe for automation. Currently riddled by errors, mistaken claims, and generally being a time consuming process, these are all issues automation is made to fix. The rise of telehealth as a practical and necessary construct has also made automation more and more important.

Currently, most medical offices and businesses at large use a mix of manual and automated insurance. Although looking at the money alone, healthcare professionals could save $2.7 billion by transitioning to a fully automated insurance process. This also helps with the practical aspects of benefit verification, suggestions for alternative plans for patients, and of course, simple errors.

For patients on the other hand, automation would produce the most accurate cost models and would help ensure they were never getting ripped off. Accurate costs enable better decision making, waste less time, and the automated aspect can even offer access to potential savings.

Insurance card scan OCR is a game changer for businesses at large dealing with insurance. This means less time spent in deployments and scaling. It means a streamlined work process. And it means up to 35% higher cost savings for using these automated solutions. Each industry is going to see unique benefits, but the theme is that there certainly are benefits.

Practically, the only downsides are in the cases of insurance that can’t be read, and in the cases of errors that are made by the automated machines. These are the minute tradeoffs for the major benefits. The plus side is there will always be real humans on each end, this is one process that is automated, but any disputes will still be handled and understood personally. Automation is something that is meant to benefit everyone, if it fails at that it fails completely.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC