8 Benefits of Aroma Therapy and Why You Should Try It

Essential oils have been used throughout history to help with a variety of health conditions that include treating wounds, emotional distress, and illness. While people hundreds of years ago had to create their own products from flowers, stems, and leaves, you have the benefit of being able to select from natural essential oils that are extracted using the best methods for providing the optimum level of potency. With so many scents at your disposal, it’s worth taking a moment to explore how various ones can provide you with these benefits for your healthy lifestyle.

1- Ease Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever noticed how you instantly feel a sense of calm when you enter a botanical garden? The concept of aroma therapy works on the principle that certain scents can improve your mood. Lavender is especially known for being calming, but you can also use lemongrass, jasmine, and chamomile to reduce anxiety.

2- Give Yourself a Burst of Energy

On the other side of your emotional wellness, you might find that you struggle with periods of fatigue when you need to be energized. All you have to do to fix this problem is switch up what essential oils you are using. Peppermint and lemon are two scents that can increase your energy levels.

3- Reduce Physical Pain

Natural pain relief is often preferable to using strong medications. Essential oils for aroma therapy are generally safe for everyone to use, and they won’t leave you feeling exhausted like some prescriptions may do. Eucalyptus, thyme, and ginger are a few essential oils that you can use topically or diffused throughout the air to provide relief from your discomfort.

4- Enhance Memory and Focus

Taking a quick sniff of certain scents can also help you stay more alert. Try adding sage or basil to a diffuser in your office, or give a bottle of rosemary a quick sniff for an instant wake-up call. Using essential oils can also help to increase your memory by helping your brain associate an experience with a specific scent.

5- Improve Your Sleep Quality

Burning a lavender-infused scented candle in the hour or two while you prepare for bedtime can help you get better sleep. You can also use this method in children’s rooms by switching to a diffuser that you keep out of their reach.

6- Ease Digestive Distress

Your body’s digestive system can respond to scents much as it does to certain tastes. Try adding the scent of cinnamon to the kitchen in your home to revive a poor appetite. Or, you might want to use coconut or ginger to help stimulate proper digestion.

7- Boost Your Immune System

Toxins in the air of your home or office can cause your body to experience more illnesses. Diffusers help to disperse essential oils into the air where they can help to detoxify the space. Orange sweet essential oil is great for cleaning the air while also giving you a burst of insightfulness.

8- Provide Care to Your Skin and Hair

As a final note, you’ll find that using essential oils can improve your physical appearance. While you can always add them to lotions and creams, just having the diffused through the air allows your skin and hair to benefit from collecting fewer toxins. Over time, you’ll notice that your hair and skin are more supple and youthful.

Aroma therapy products range from candles to diffusers and essential oils that you can blend with carrier oils to create soothing balms and lotions. Selecting from a broad range of products allows you to put together an aroma therapy plan that helps you enjoy the most benefits.