How to Make Your Van Bedroom More Comfortable

If you’ve recently bought a van to convert into a camper, or are thinking about doing so, one of your main priorities will be to make sure your van bedroom is as comfortable as possible. After all, you want to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep when you’re on the road! Here are many tips to help you out:

Add some insulation

Good insulation will help to keep your van bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s well worth the investment! You can get insulation specifically designed for vans, or use regular insulation if you’re on a budget.

Get some blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are another must-have for any van bedroom – they’ll help to keep the light out so you can sleep even during the daytime. Roll them up during the day to let in some natural light and fresh air.

Install LED lights

LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, and they’ll also help to create a calming atmosphere in your van bedroom. You might want to install them around the perimeter of the room or use them as reading lights.

Add some greenery

A few potted plants will help to freshen up the air in your van bedroom and add a touch of life to the space. Choose plants that are known for being good at purifying the air, such as bamboo or aloe vera.

Keep things tidy

A cluttered van bedroom will feel cramped and uncomfortable, so make sure you keep things tidy and organized. Use storage baskets and containers to keep things off the floor, and consider investing in some wall-mounted shelves.

Get a comfortable mattress

This is one area where you shouldn’t try to save money – a good quality, comfortable mattress is worth its weight in gold when you’re spending time in your van bedroom. You might want to consider a custom mattress specifically designed for van beds.

Make sure your bedding is cozy

Once you’ve got a comfortable mattress, make sure your bedding is up to scratch too. Cozy sheets, blankets and pillows will help you get a good night’s sleep even if the temperature outside isn’t ideal.

Decorate according to your taste

Personalize your van bedroom with decorations that reflect your own individual style. This will make the space feel more like home, even when you’re on the road.

Make use of natural light

If your van has windows, make sure you open them up during the day to let in some fresh air and natural light. This will help to make the space feel more spacious and livable.

Don’t forget the basics

Finally, don’t forget to pack the essentials like a bedside lamp, alarm clock and spare blankets. These will all come in handy and help to make your van bedroom feel more like home.

Following these tips should help you to create a comfortable, cozy van bedroom that you can enjoy spending time in – even when you’re on the road!