4 Tips for Choosing a Refrigeration System for a Dairy Farm

Choosing a refrigerator system for your dairy farm is no easy task. With the wide selection of sizes, styles, and brands on the market, it’s hard to know what will work best for you. Wondering where to start? This article will lay out the specifications you need to make an informed decision.

1. Refrigeration Heat Recovery (RHR)

Refrigeration systems must have an RHR, or “heat recovery device” These devices work by returning free heat to the compressor. An RHR will dramatically reduce the number of times your refrigeration system has to be completely shut down for repairs which are cost saving

When your dairy farming business is profitable, you don’t want to spend money on unnecessary repairs for a malfunctioning refrigeration system. RHRs ensure that this does not happen by ensuring the compressor does not run if there is not enough incoming air.

2. Proper Maintenance

It’s important to keep your refrigeration system clean and functioning properly. You should clean your system at least once a week, if not more often. The more often the system is cleaned, the less ice build-up and dirt accumulates. Regular maintenance check-ups will keep it running top gear If you don’t clean your refrigeration unit regularly, you could be forced to shut it down for repairs so you can install full coverage painting & flooring

If a repair does become necessary for your refrigeration system, you will be much happier that you invested in one with an RHR. RHRs will prevent the compressor from running when there is insufficient air in the system, preventing it from overworking itself and potentially breaking down.

3. Well Water Precoolers

Wellwater is a great way to cool your ice cream truck, but it can be extremely difficult to extract colder water from the bottom of the well. Using a well water precooler allows you to control the temperature of your well. Using the lowest possible temperature in the well water will help you accomplish this and lower your overall refrigeration system costs.

4. Scroll Compressors

With the growing number of people who live in areas with hot summers and mild winters, the demand for ice cream is on the rise. Scroll compressors will provide you with more value per pound of ice cream produced. Scroll compressors only have to work a few months per year, saving your system valuable energy and money.

Each time you buy or own an ice cream truck, you should specify that the compressors are a scroll type. It’s important to purchase an ice cream truck that can withstand both hot and cold weather conditions. It will be well worth it in the long run when you’re promoting products during the hot summer months. Make sure you have a plan for what happens when the weather turns cold.

Dairy farming can be a very profitable venture. If you’re looking for business ideas, these tips and tricks for choosing the best refrigeration system for your dairy farm are the way to go. Whether you decide to go with a walk-in cooler or commercial refrigerator, the right model will be able to meet your needs while helping you to save money on energy costs. By following these key points, you should be able to find the best refrigeration system for your dairy farm.