8 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Car Shipping Services

Shipping a car is not an easy task, and finding the right company can be difficult. There are many factors in play, such as the condition of your vehicle and where you live. If you’re planning on moving to a new city or want to move your car a few miles away, there are some questions you should ask before booking a car shipping company.

1. What Is The Total Cost Of Shipping?

The more weight your vehicle will have to carry, the more expensive it will be. A company should be upfront with its pricing and avoid using a general add-on charge at the end of its order. It is typically the case with companies that do not have your vehicle in their possession, as they will not be able to tell you the exact cost.

2. What Kind Of Insurance Is Included?

There are two types: liability and property damage. If you’re moving within the state, you may want to get your coverage on top of theirs, especially for something as important as your car. Ensure you know what kind of coverage you’re getting and how long your policy will last.

3. When Will My Car Be Shipped?

You want to find out how quickly the company can move your car. If you’re in a rush, the company should offer overnight shipping or ensure that your vehicle is sent sooner than later. If you don’t have a deadline, it’s up to you whether or not to wait for faster delivery.

4. How Will My Car Be Handled?

No matter how many moving boxes you have, your car will probably not fit into them. You need to know that the company will handle the vehicle with care. If they are insured, they should move your car safely and promptly.

5. Where Is My Vehicle Being Shipped?

The storage facility should be in your zip code to easily access it to pick up your car and sign the paperwork when it’s time. Some companies may offer pickup of your vehicle at their office or another location you can access, but this is a great convenience if you need it.

6. How Long Will It Take?

If you’re looking to get your car shipped and don’t have a lot of time, this is a big one. You want to know that they will move the vehicle quickly without compromising the level of care and attention it receives during transit.

7. Will My Vehicle Be Insured While In Transit?

Your vehicle should be covered against anything that may happen during delivery, especially damage. The company should provide insurance for your car from pickup to arrival at your final destination. Make sure this is included in the price of your order, so there are no surprises come delivery time.

8. What Happens If There Are Any Problems?

You want to know what will happen if your vehicle is damaged or breaks down while in transit. You should ask if the company will deliver your car to a repair shop or if they are shipping it in a box that can be opened and inspected. If they say they will provide a new vehicle, make sure you get an option for this.

It’s possible to save a lot of money if you’re willing to do some of the work on your own. You can find reputable companies that will offer cheaper shipping, and they may also have coupon codes to give you an even better price. Keep these questions in mind when deciding which company to choose, and take into account your state laws, mileage limits, and any other factors that may affect your decision.