Healing the World Starts with Healing Yourself Through Rest

In 2022, 8 out of 10 Americans report feeling extra stress due to the 40 year high of inflation, supply chain breakdowns, and the war on Ukraine…not to mention the residual stress and anxiety from having just inched our way out of a pandemic. 

With all we’ve been through in the past few years, it’s easy to understand why we’re having a hard time sleeping. The majority of us are just exhausted, and it’s not from physical activity. The mental acrobatics we’re experiencing are doing quite enough to break down our bodies. 

Fifty-seven percent of us can’t seem to sleep because we can’t turn our brains off, and almost half of us can’t sleep due to anxiety. The realities of life in the modern era are hitting hard all across the globe. 

Nevertheless, we are people of action and resilience, and finding solutions on a global scale often starts with solutions for the individual. 

So, what can be done in our own lives to begin to help us rest and repair? 

The key to staying mentally/emotionally balanced, staying physically healthy, and staying productive, is getting adequate sleep. Of course, getting adequate sleep means going to bed earlier, turning off the screens, and taking the time and money to get comfortable, relaxing bedding for a comfortable, peaceful night of rest.

Stressed & Not Sleeping — How you can improve your sleep
Source: PizunaLinens