A New Market: Recycling Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most used materials on the Earth right now! It has so many uses from paving roads, to providing shingles for roofs, and the best part is: it’s recyclable! 

The asphalt recovery market is booming right now, mostly due to shingle recycling. There is a 

$7.1 billion industry that revolves around collecting old asphalt, breaking it down, and then reusing it to pave new roads. Asphalt is continually being used, and it is projected that the demand for it will rise by 3% in coming years, making the need for a recycling industry that much more necessary.

The process of asphalt recovery is not only beneficial for the country’s economy, but for the planet as well! Recycling asphalt prevents 2.4 million tons of CO2 entering the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gasses by up to 61%! Recycling asphalt also prevents 11 tons of waste from entering landfills each year and this recycled matter can lead to paving hundreds of feet of brand new highway.

Recycling asphalt is beneficial in many ways both for the planet and the economy. The asphalt economy is the future of building recycling programs, and new asphalt recycling plants are popping up all over the country! Learn more about the benefits of asphalt recovery  in the infographic below:

The Asphalt Economy - Asphalt Recycling Matters More Than Ever
Source: InvestSkyQuarry.com