What Are the Benefits of Owner Operated Truck Financing

Do you dream of driving your own truck for a living? Whether you currently drive for a freight company or you’re just getting started in the trucking industry, there are many benefits to owning your own truck. You may think you can’t afford to purchase a truck, but 10-4 Financing makes it possible. Even if you have bad credit, we offer opportunities to qualify for truck financing. 

If you’re thinking about working for yourself as a commercial truck driver, you have the following benefits to look forward to. 

A Stable Business Venture 

Many people start their own businesses in a wide range of industries, and not all will succeed. But the trucking industry is booming as goods are in high demand. Movement of freight from place to place will always be necessary regardless of the state of the economy. When you own your own trucking business, you can decide when you work, how much you work, and receive 100% of the profits. 

Qualify for Truck Financing Despite Bad Credit 

Are you reluctant to apply for truck financing because you have a less than stellar credit score? You could be missing out on an amazing opportunity. 10-4 Financing takes the whole financial picture into consideration, not just your credit score. We know that trucking is a lucrative industry and that if you are able to purchase a truck with the help of financing, you will immediately have the opportunity to make money. 

One item that may help you qualify for financing is a letter of intent. This letter can be written by any company that is offering you an opportunity to move freight once you have a truck. Not only will a letter of intent help you to get approved, but may even help you secure a lower interest rate. 

A Truck is an Investment

Typically, a vehicle is considered an expense, not an investment. But a semi truck does not depreciate as quickly as a personal vehicle. Since trucks hold their value for longer, you can expect to recoup some of the value if or when you sell it. This is just another reason why it is better to purchase a truck than to lease one. At the end of a lease you get nothing in return because you don’t own the truck. But once you purchase and pay off your truck, any profit from the sale of it is yours. 

Expand Your Fleet 

Once you successfully purchase a truck and establish a secure income, you have the opportunity to purchase additional trucks and expand your business. Owning a fleet of trucks increases your profits exponentially. Financing your first truck is just the beginning of a successful business. 

10-4 Financing Makes it Possible to Realize Your Dreams

You can make your dreams of driving your own truck a reality with the help of owner-operator trucking financing from 10-4. We give you the opportunity to build a successful business working for yourself. 

Call 888-908-7701 or contact us today to apply. We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals.