Realms of Employee Wellness You Should Pay Attention To As an Employer

There are a number of employee wellness programs which you should take up in your workplace to ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

1) Health Insurance:

Partnering with an insurance company to offer health coverage is one of the most important aspects that any employer can implement when it comes to employee wellness. This will not only benefit the employees, but also your company as this will provide the necessary protection in the event of any unforeseen medical conditions.

2) Health and Wellness Fair:

As an initiative to promote good health and wellness, you can host a health fair at work such as offering free flu shots or blood pressure tests (if you get the permission from your employees). You could also provide free samples of healthy foods or drinks to encourage your workers to lead healthier lives.

3) Company Health Club:

You may have a corporate gym in the building where you work, but not everyone has time in their busy schedule to attend this facility. One way you can encourage employees to be fit is by providing a company health club where your employees can make use of the equipment anytime during office hours. This will promote physical activity among them, which is one of the critical components when it comes to maintaining good health.

4) Financial Wellness Program:

According to research, many Americans are either not financially literate or have limited knowledge on the basics of how to manage their money. This financial illiteracy can lead to serious consequences such as being unable to pay off debts, pay bills on time or having no savings for emergencies. You can offer a financial literacy program at work so that your employees can learn more about how to handle their finances.

5) Healthy Eating Initiatives:

You may opt for healthy eating options such as offering fruits and nuts to your employees or discussing healthy menus with the caterer you use for special events. You can also hold contests, like a ‘Healthiest Dish’ contest to get people involved.

6) Health Screenings:

Many companies choose to offer comprehensive health screenings, especially if they have workers in dangerous jobs or older employees. This is an important way to identify potential risks early on and will lead to better treatment options for employees who may be at risk of developing medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

7) Stress Management Activities:

Stress can cause numerous health problems if left unchecked. You can create stress management programs at work, such as offering stress management seminars or yoga classes to help your employees stay calm and healthy.