Why Healthcare Facilities Are Hiring Resident Engineers for Their Imaging Equipment

One of the reasons healthcare facilities are hiring resident engineers for their imaging equipment is because they maintain imaging equipment.

As healthcare facilities purchase more and more imaging equipment, there is an increasing need to keep these machines in top condition. An efficient way to do this is by hiring resident engineers who specialize in imaging systems. These healthcare professionals will take care of all your day-to-day repairs on your MRI cooling system or other imaging devices.

A resident engineer working at a healthcare facility does not necessarily have to be certified; however, it would bring peace of mind to management that this individual has passed tests demonstrating he has gained the skills necessary to achieve competence in the field. The healthcare facility could train its own employees so long as they receive the proper training in imaging equipment.

Another reason healthcare facilities are hiring resident engineers is because technicians can only do so much to take care of your imaging system. The healthcare facility needs another person who has the expertise and knowledge when it comes to general repairs, installation, and software changes for this machine.  

Not hiring resident engineers would require healthcare administrators to hire additional full-time staff. This increases healthcare expenses for employing multiple employees rather than one engineer in addition to all other necessary healthcare professionals working at the facility.  Also, there is no guarantee that these full-time employees will be capable of performing work on advanced imaging systems. In addition, they may not have the same level of expertise as a fully-trained resident engineer.

A healthcare facility should hire a resident engineer who not only has the necessary experience to perform repairs on imaging equipment such as the MRI cooling system but also knows how to communicate with healthcare professionals and technicians working at the healthcare facility. Having strong communication skills is crucial when it comes to working at healthcare facilities where everyone works as a team since there will be times when resident engineers become valuable resources for healthcare professionals’ technical questions or maintenance queries.  For this reason, healthcare facilities may seek candidates who have certifications in healthcare technology. This would help them gain the knowledge and expertise needed to work productively within a healthcare facility, meeting its imaging needs.