Freestanding Bath Benefits and Features

What is your ideal bathroom? Some people like designs on Pinterest, but it seems that creating such beauty is possible only for a magazine photo, but in real life, everything is much more complicated. Most of the questions are raised by the choice and installation of a freestanding bath, so let’s deal with them first.

Debunking the Freestanding Bath Myths

The main fear is that the bathtub necessarily requires too much space. If your house has a standard bathroom less than 6 square meters, then, of course, a bathtub located right next to the wall will look more compact. But if the area of ​​the premises is more than 6 sq.m. there are already interesting options for how to install and arrange everything.

There is also a myth that a freestanding bathtub necessarily takes up all the free space, but in fact, products, in particular those offered by the Aquatica store, are presented in different sizes, and you can choose both a large double version for a huge room and a compact one (both e.g. the Mini Ofuro model) that fits in any bathroom. Take a look at the Aquatica online store at and see for yourself.

It is too difficult to install plumbing in such a bathroom. Not really. The connection of communications (crying water, draining) follows the same principles, only the location of the plumbing itself changes. An experienced specialist will easily and quickly cope with such a task.

Freestanding Bathtubs Features

The built-in bathroom should be strictly rectangular in order to fit along the wall, leaving no gaps. However, the freestanding model can be oval, oblong, or even round. You can afford any shape you think is beautiful.

The design of the model is also of great importance because you will not hide the product under the tiles. Enjoy beautiful patterns on the legs, graceful curves, which, together with high-quality and beautiful faucets and shower heads, create a harmonious tandem.

Benefits of products from Aquatica

Some of the features of the baths are at the same time their advantages:

  • In the production of modern free-standing Aquatica bathtubs, high-quality acrylic and patented materials are used;
  • The assortment of the store includes products of any shape, size, and design. You can definitely find the option that suits the style that prevails in your bathroom.
  • You can make your bath really relaxing and comfortable with the addition of the built-in Tranquility water heater, the HydroRelax Pro Jetted massage system, or the Relax air massage.

Finally, add luxury and coziness with useful accessories like comfy storage benches, beautiful rugs, and wooden pallets.

You decide how the ideal bathtub should look like. Do not hesitate that you will be able to realize all your plans, because you have Aquatica, and there is everything you need!