How to Increase Productivity in Your Workspace

In a survey of 2000 UK workers, 31% said they felt their workspace had a negative impact on their productivity. The same percentage also cited the lack of a decent work environment as a major reason for not wanting to stay in their current role.

We’ve all been there: you’re up against a tight deadline and you can’t get the work done. It’s not that you’re being lazy or don’t know what to do next, but something just isn’t right. The office environment can make or break your productivity levels and if it’s wrong, it’s easy to feel demotivated.

What is the best working environment?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, of course. A Productivity Specialist, Dave Pollard says a good workspace is a balance between too much and not enough of something:

“Too little space can be distracting because of noise levels or overcrowding. Too much space can encourage your mind to wander from the task at hand.”

What does a good space look like?

For a start, it should be clean and tidy. No one wants to sit at a desk full of clutter or surrounded by dirty surfaces. It can make you feel depressed and unmotivated in your work to have such negative surroundings.

How many windows does your office have?

In a study conducted by scientists at the University of Illinois, it was found that when doctors had more natural light in their office, they tended to have better patient reviews. It could be because they are happier in their work environment or they are simply friendlier towards their patients. Either way, it’s clear that fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for your overall mood.

Do you have a better alternative to the office?

When you’re at your desk, should you really be there? There’s nothing wrong with getting outside for a change of scenery. If you can’t go out and get some fresh air or sunshine, look for other ways to give yourself a break. It could even be as simple as going for a walk or just taking a short break from your desk to get a drink.

Are your softwares up to date?

In a study conducted by the University of California, it was found that people were up to 28% more productive when working with newer versions of computers and software. Not only do they run faster and smoother, but you’re also likely to encounter fewer bugs and errors which can interrupt your workflow.

What size is your screen? If you have a large monitor or operate with multiple screens, it can be tempting to have tons of windows open. That way, you can monitor everything at once and stay on top of all your projects. The downside is too many screens also leads to a lot of scrolling when you want to look at something in detail. Rather than having multiple screens, try getting a bigger monitor. It might be more expensive up front but it will be cheaper in the long-run due to savings on your electricity bill.

An IT Company can help you with upgrading softwares. They can also help you set up a good work environment for increased productivity.

An IT company can offer more than just upgraded softwares and better working environments, they can help you have faster loading softwares.