How Can We Reduce Downtime at My Company?

Downtime can cost you big bucks and it’s not always easy to figure out what the problem is. Here are some essential pointers that may help you figure out where to look.

Find Out What The Problems Are

You need to know what kinds of problems your company has before you can start working on a solution. Some areas of your company that may be experiencing downtime include:

  • Workstations and laptops
  • Servers and network equipment
  • Internal and external communication (phone, networks, etc.)
  • Your documentation system (for IT infrastructures)
  • The servers you use to host websites or mail servers

It’s also worth finding out whether the problems are more or less serious at particular times of the day.

Fix The Biggest Problems First

If you know what problems your company is experiencing, it should be easier to come up with ways to fix them. Some possible solutions include:

Adding additional servers and network equipment that can handle a high workload or work as backups for other systems.

Replacing your servers and network equipment, even if they are working well enough.

Upgrading software to the latest versions.

Changing how you work so that there is less downtime . For example, backup your data more frequently or have a second person trained in each job who can fill in while one employee is away for a short time.

VoIP Phone Systems

If you’re experiencing downtime through missed phone calls, this is most likely due to your VoIP phone system not working properly. To increase the availability of your phones and cut down on downtime:

  • Have a reliable Internet connection.
  • Choose a good quality hardware device for your phone system.
  • Train employees so they can fix

Adding a failover solution to your documentation system.

You might also be able to fix the problems by considering what they might cost your company and then dealing with those that will have the biggest impact first. For instance, if you’re spending a lot of money on IT support, you may want to address any issues with internal communication as a priority.