Fur Babies Need Insurance Too

Every good pet owner wants to do the best they can to keep their fur babies happy and healthy, but sometimes the unexpected expenses of pet care can stand in the way of giving them everything they need. 

In 2020, pet ownership in the US reached 70%, which is an all time high. It makes sense that in the most difficult and isolating year of our collective experiences, many more of us would gravitate toward companion pets. Nevertheless, the cost of pet ownership can be unexpectedly high. 

During the first year of ownership, pet parents have to pay for several one-time expenses that can more than double the cost of general pet upkeep. Adding to this the costs of pet sitters, dental care, emergency care, and other pet expenses, and the cost of keeping a pet can easily grow to almost 3k per year. 

Unexpected vet bills due to injuries and accidents are the single greatest cause of skyrocketing pet expenses, which is where pet insurance comes into play. Pet insurance gives pet owners the ability to mitigate those costs for routine care, and for unexpected bills due to accidents or illness. 

We all love our fur babies, and we can love them even better when we are able to afford their medical care.

Pet insurance benefits