How to Attract and Keep Talent

Good talent is hard to find. And with a very strong and competitive job market, it seems that there are more roles than ever out there, which means we’ve got to work hard to attract the right talent into a business but we’ve also got to keep them. What does it really take to ensure that we are getting the balance right?

Teach Them Valuable Skills

When you identify the most important skills and values for your business, you can then fill positions that meet these needs. Doing this, rather than hiring an employee to replace another, means that when you are teaching employees valuable skills, they have a better time assessing how they fit with your business because you are clear with your values.

“Feed” Them

Ensuring your employees have knowledge is crucial to the business but your employees need to be satisfied in their roles. You need to give them opportunities to grow wherever possible. By feeding them the opportunities for progression and providing them with more opportunities to develop themselves through courses means that they are more likely to stick around.

Give Them Compliments and Feedback to Encourage Them to Grow

An employee that doesn’t know where they fit into the big picture will not understand how to progress in your framework and will go find a company that will respect them. Your employees will only grow to meet the needs of your business if they understand the bigger picture. Compliments and feedback allow them a unique sense of perspective.

Give Them Opportunities to Share

When employees are able to share their experiences by providing feedback, you can create a culture that is focused on the employee. Feedback allows any business to understand how they are treating their employees, but it also helps employees to get frustrations off their chest. Many organizations don’t look at what they can provide beyond the pay, but feedback certainly helps! 

Focus on Their Long-Term Potential

One of the big mistakes we all make is focusing on current high performers and their potential. Everybody has long-term potential in their roles. Rather than just focusing on the high performers, remember that every individual has the potential to improve the business. Without the people in supporting roles, higher fire performers wouldn’t achieve anything.

Provide Benefits and Competitive Pay

In the modern world, employees are understandably very focused on their finances. You have to remember that employee talent is an investment. We can cut corners and hire cheaper talent, but when an employee is worth “X amount,” paying them what they are worth shows that we have faith in their abilities within the company and are paying a higher price to keep them.

It’s one thing to pay them with money, but to also help them be “money smart” is walking the whole extra mile. Corporate financial wellness programs can help them really create healthy habits when it comes to money, and can help them with their home life. Better home life leads to better work life.

Attracting and keeping talent are two different aspects, but if we find the rights fit for our company, whether it’s in a cultural sense or in terms of the skills they possess, fighting to keep these people on-side will naturally boost our business, but good talent really is hard to find, but it is even harder to keep.