Are Your Employees In The Dark With Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is something that no business can afford to overlook. Taking it seriously could be the difference between keeping your company protected or falling victim to a hack or attack. But it’s not just about your upper management; your employees need to understand how to stay cyber safe too.

If your employees are in the dark regarding cybersecurity, it’s time to change that. But before you can make the necessary changes, you need to understand how well your team understands good cybersecurity practices. Read on now to find out more about that.

Security Training and Testing

First of all, you should think about providing your employees with a test that they can carry out. This should then give you a clearer idea of what your employees do and don’t understand regarding cybersecurity in the workplace.

Once you have a better understanding of their capabilities and knowledge of cybersecurity matters, you can then decide which types of training your employees might benefit from most. Training is vital when it comes to keeping your business protected from a cybersecurity point of view.

Workplace Policy

You should also take a look at the policies and rules you have in place inside your office. You’ll want to make sure that these guide people adequately and let them know what’s expected of them from a cybersecurity point of view.

For example, you might put policies in place for clicking unverified links in emails. If you give people guidelines for how to deal with potential cybersecurity threats and scams, you can make sure fewer mistakes are made. If the policies aren’t in place, people can’t follow them.

Remote Working

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a clear trend towards more people working remotely outside of the conventional office setting. This is great for businesses and employees alike for a wide range of reasons. Nonetheless, it does also present some challenges too.

You should ensure your employees are only ever using a secure connection for their internet usage when working at home, for example. Put policies in place and ensure they’re being adhered to, even when employees are not actually present in the office.

Hardware and Software

It’s important to consider issues relating to the hardware and software your employees use each and every day as well. It’s up to you to provide your team with high-quality and secure hardware with which to do their job. So that’s the first thing you’ll need to get right.

Next, you’ll need to consider the software used and how it’s used. The most important thing to mention here is that your employees will need to make sure the software they use is up to date and any security patches that have been released by the developers are installed promptly.

As we’ve discussed, cybersecurity and a whole team approach to cybersecurity is very important. Be sure to get the help you need with training your employees and enlightening them regarding the threats out there and how to stay protected from them. There are companies out there that can help you with implementing the secure solutions you require.