7 Easy Upgrades to Make to Improve Your Car’s Exterior

You want to do something to make your car stand out, but your budget may not allow for a complete overhaul of your car’s exterior. Never fear, there are several budget-friendly ways you can upgrade the outside of your car so that it looks awesome and unique. You’ll be surprised at how easily upgrading your car’s exterior can be!

1. Car Wrap

You want a way to make your car more “you.” You have considered a paint job, but, let’s be honest – painting the exterior of a car can be costly and you’ll lose your car for several days while the body shop works on the project. However, there ARE ways you can put your individual touch on your car without sending it to the local body shop. A car wrap can cover a small space on your car, or it can be outfitted to cover the entire car. That way, you don’t have to worry about a clear coat that’s chipping off or a faded paint job. Keep in mind that you will have to dedicate several hours to placing the wrap on your car, and you’ll need a dust-free place to do so.

2. Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors is another name for rain guards, but they can give your vehicle a sharp look as well as increase performance. How? Adding wind deflectors will lessen the drag on your car, improving aerodynamics. Wind deflectors can be found at an affordable price, and you can install them yourself with little effort.

3. Tire Covers

Have you ever noticed a Jeep with a wheel cover on the spare across the rear of the vehicle? You may not know you can order tire covers for all four tires of your vehicle. Usually, those with four wheel drive trucks (or trucks in general) tend to favor this exterior upgrade, but, place these on a car for a definitively unique look on a sedan or sports car.

4. Vanity Plate

Most states allow for the purchase of a vanity license plate for a mere $50 extra above what you’ll pay for a regular car tag. Of course, if you don’t want to go that route, you can always place a vanity plate on the front of your vehicle. It can be a plate that denotes your favorite sports team or something unique to you (at one time, getting a vanity plate “air brushed” was a huge trend).

5. Bed Cap

Got scratches on the bed rails of your truck? Maybe you just want to do something to spruce up the bed of your truck. Adding bed caps are not only a stylish way to mod your truck, but it can cover and prevent scratches when loading and unloading cargo from your truck bed.

6. Exterior Headlights

Adding new headlights to your vehicle is a smart idea because not only will your vehicle look better on the exterior, but new headlights will also improve your driving and visibility. You can even buy tints for your headlights to change their illumination.

7. Decals and Stickers

If your car’s paint job is in good shape and you’re not sure about your ability to add a complete wrap, one way you can personalize your vehicle is to add decals and stickers. Some laser engraving places can make a personalized decal or you can order one via the Web.