Learn Your Risk of Severe COVID Through Genetic Testing

At the beginning of 2021 Americans all over the country seemed to be waiting for their turn to receive the covid-19 vaccine. By May almost half of the country had received at least one dose of the vaccine and now 56% are fully vaccinated yet there are still pandemic risks continuing. While vaccines are able to offer good protection no vaccine is ever 100% effective at preventing disease and new variants cause existing vaccines to be even less effective. Because of this, the Delta variant has been a major component of the increase in breakthrough cases. As of September 27, there are reports of 22,115 patients who still tested positive for Covid out of the 183 million fully vaccinated Americans. While many had hoped that being vaccinated would be all it took to return to normal life this is not the case. Vaccinated people should still be precautions until the pandemic ebbs. 

Slowing the spread of Covid is the best way to prevent even more variants from developing which will, in turn, decrease the number of breakthrough cases. Not every person has the same risk of having a severe case of Covid. Knowing what your COVID risk could be can help you make the best decision on what precautions you need to take.

Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk