If it’s Broke, Let’s Fix it: the Phone Repair Economy

As the old adage says, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Let’s take a more modern approach to this saying – if it is broken, don’t replace it! Chances are, the phone you’re reading this on in your hands right now is a sophisticated piece of equipment that – despite a few minor flaws – is more than good enough to carry you through the rest of its useful life…that is, if you’re prepared to get it repaired. Phones built today are actually outlasting their older counterparts by over a year of phone life, and that’s good news for you and your pocketbook. And let’s face it – many of the latest and greatest phones aren’t revolutionary as in the beginnings of the smartphone industry when the first iPhone came out. You can get by, especially since repairs are relatively inexpensive and can be performed by your local phone repair store.

Welcome to the phone repair economy – you’re in good company as it is an impressive $4 billion industry in and of itself.

It’s time to stop throwing out the smartphones of today for a more cost effective and sustainable future. Learn more about navigating the phone repair economy in the visual deep dive below:

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy