Best Storage Facilities in Provo Utah

At various stages of your personal and professional growth, you’re going to find yourself being moved to a new city or location, across the city you’re already in, or even out of the country completely and it’s at these times that you’re going to need to have access to safe and secure storage.  

There are various suppliers at convenient locations that offer a range of options to suit individual needs and there are a few, that come out top of the list, but whatever your reasons for needing storage, not all suppliers are created equal.

Top-Level Security

Out of all considerations for wanting self-storage, the most important need (and want all at the same time), is the very best security.  After all, the point of storage is safe and secure storage of your personal effects while you resituate and reorganize your life.  

Depending on where you’re located, you may want your site to have on-site security and check-ins/outs but not all locations would need this, still, you’ll want your provider to offer high-tech, on-demand security, much like Protection Self Storage, out of Provo, Utah. 

Climate-Controlled Units

Today’s self-storage isn’t just about all of the leftover “stuff” that you can’t manage to part with after a move so it’s important to know what it is that you’re storing, for how long you’re potentially going to need storage for and how much that’s going to cost. 

Furniture, books, leather, photograph or art collections, mattresses, certain appliances, and exotic furs or rugs for example will all need some type of climate control – especially in places like Utah that can experience extremes in weather.

Protection Self Storage and Bear River Storage and Towne Storage are some of the better providers that offer climate-controlled units in and around Provo and other locations in Utah.

Vehicle Storage

RV or motorhome’s enthusiasts don’t always have space at their primary residences for effective storage of their vehicles while not in use, or for when you might have additional cars, boats, motorcycles or unused vehicles can be stored at some of the storage companies around the State of Utah, but again you want to make sure that they offer this service as a specialty, not just because space exists on the premises.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Neighbor storage is a firm that offers a unique and innovative storage solution. Their tagline is “Give your items a home, not a storage unit” and they’ve created a sort of “Airbnb” for your excess items, possessions, or vehicles that need to be stored. They sign up “hosts” that have available space in their garages, on their grounds or premises, and offer the added security of having someone living on-site with your possessions. Hosts are screened with reviews from existing and previous customers openly broadcast to prospective customers. Very cost-effective.

Also, bear in mind the location of your need. It may seem a bit inconsequential when you’re considering long-term storage, but if you may need access to your items from time-to-time then you don’t want the added mission of traveling across your city or state.