Top 5 IT Terms Your Team Should Recognize

The IT world is rapidly growing, and most terminologies that were initially reserved for the field are slowly becoming mainstream terms. Most of these words are now so common that you will hear them in discussions by non-IT persons of all ages. So, even if you are not IT-inclined, here are the top five IT terms your team should be able to recognize and what they mean. 


It can be pretty frustrating to enter a search on a website and then receive a message saying, “404 not found.” This error message is usually displayed when your server fails to find the URL you requested. Today, “404” is used, quite commonly, in regular discussions. It is mainly to indicate that someone has no clue about a subject. For example, you might hear someone say, “he is completely 404 about the issues in this department.”


The term “bandwidth” refers to the highest data transfer rate across any given path in computing. It comes in three main categories – data bandwidth, network bandwidth, or digital bandwidth. It refers to the range of frequencies within any given band, especially when transmitting a signal in electronics. 

In conversations outside the IT world, you can use “bandwidth” to describe a person’s inability to multitask or even think about multiple things simultaneously. You can also use the term “low bandwidth” to describe someone too busy to take on other or additional tasks. For example, “he has low bandwidth for your problems right now.” 

Just-in-time (JIT)

JIT is usually an inventory management method in which goods and materials needed for manufacturing arrive at the exact time the manufacturing process begins. You can also use this phrase to describe a compiler that turns bytecode like Java into instructions that a processor can directly receive. 

Today, you can use this technical slang to describe a task you can handle or complete quickly. For example, you can have a just-in-time training session, which will probably comprise pieces of information that are small enough to be easily understood. 

PING or ping

Usually, ping refers to an internet program used to determine the accessibility of an IP address online. You can also use PING to troubleshoot internet connections.

The term has now taken a more local use to mean contacting someone by either sending them an email or text message. For example, “Don’t forget to ping me when you have the details.”


Even if you’re new to IT terminologies in general, you may have heard someone using the term “411” at some point. 411 has gradually become jargon beyond the IT world, the online world, and even shorthand text messaging. 

Although you will still find the term being used predominantly in online chats, texting, blogs, etc., people are now beginning to use it in spoken conversations more often. 411 simply means information. For example, “Do you have the 411 about the new IT services in Utah?”

Hopefully, your team will keep abreast with the digital world by learning these IT terms.