Most Popular Activities to Stay Cool This Summer

Seeing as this summer is set to be one of the hottest on record, you’re going to want to spend your time doing some cool activities for the next couple of months, especially if you have young kids or older relatives to take care of. Because of that, we’ve got 5 cool and fun things to do to ensure the summer doesn’t get too hot and sweaty for you. 

Make Your Own Icy Treats

When the heat starts to climb, make sure you get in the kitchen to make good use of the freezer! Kids love making their own ice pops and frozen treats, and if you’ve got a blender and an ice mold, this is a very fun and very easy way to make some snacks that’ll chill you from the inside out. 

Go Swimming!

Swimming is known as the best way to stay cool when the temperature is soaring, and if you want to stay cool in the heat, you definitely need to hit the pool! And if this is the summer you’ve finally decided to get a pool of your own in the backyard, because it’s much more convenient, easy, and fun, contact some pool builders in Orange County. You’ll be able to go swimming whenever you want, and that’s a great choice to make when the summer begins. 

Have a Water Balloon Fight

A big staple of summer fun, if you’ve got some buckets and some room on the lawn in your backyard, you can use your kitchen sink to fill up some water balloons and have a tournament under the sun. 

All family members will love getting involved, and if you’ve got a couple of water guns in the shed somewhere, you’ll add even more fun to the fight! Water is instantly cooling, especially when there’s a constant stream available, so save this event for the hottest day of the summer. 

Umbrellas on the Beach

A beach umbrella, or parasol, is a great way to stay cool when you hit the beach during this summer season. It’ll keep direct sunlight off of your skin, and it’ll make sun bathing much safer, especially if you tend to snooze! You can also use these umbrellas in your backyard as well, if you’re planning a BBQ or you want to eat without the sun and a swarm of bugs bothering you. 

Throw a Garden Party

Garden parties are incredibly popular during the summer period, thanks to just how many cool and tasty refreshments you can serve up to keep your guests feeling chilled. From simple watermelon slices to ice cold punches straight from the bowl, a garden party can involve your newly installed backyard pool as well, even if guests just sit on the edge and just dip their toes in! 

Summer fun needs to keep you cool and safe in the face of high temperatures. If you’re not sure what to do, use our chilled and shaded activity ideas that’ll still get you out of the house.