Relief When Your A/C Goes Out: How to Stay Cool Until You can Get it Fixed

There is not much worse than when your air conditioning breaks down, especially during the summer months, and your home gets very, very hot. This can leave you feeling hot and sweaty, unable to cool off, which can impact work, sleep, and home life in general. You are likely to want to get this fixed as quickly as possible, without having to spend too much money, such as paying to stay in a hotel until it is repaired, for example. 

To help you to be prepared, should this happen to you and your air conditioning breaks, then here are some of the things that you can to help to keep your home cool, as you await a/c repair. 

Keep windows open at night

In the daytime, it can be tempting to open up your windows, but it can actually just let more heat in, rather than helping to keep your home feeling cool. However, when it comes to nighttime, opening the windows can help to cool the home as you sleep. The temperature tends to decrease during the high hours, allowing any of the warm air from the home to escape and the cooler night air to come in. If you’re looking to sleep comfortably, then this is one of your best options.

Create temporary air conditioning of your own

Did you know that you can create a small pocket of air conditioning in your home? All you need is a fan and some bowls of ice. The bowls of ice can be put in front of the fan, and then as the ice starts to melt, the cool air gets blown around by the fan, helping to cool the air down where you are. This only really works if you’re sitting right by it, such as when trying to sleep or sitting down at a desk. But it can make a difference while you wait for your a/c to be fixed.

Don’t use hot appliances

Appliances such as an oven or a stove, as well as things like hairdryers, are best to avoid when the home is warm. These will add more heat into the home, and will not help you to keep cool at all. On occasions like this, serving cold food is best, as it will not only mean unnecessary heating of the home is avoided, but will also mean that you can keep cool, not having to consume hot foods either. 

Lower your body temperature

To keep cool in your home, lowering your body temperature is a must. This can be done by using cold towels and having them placed on your neck, for example, or using a hot water bottle, filled with cold water instead, to cool your bed down before getting in. When you lower your body temperature slightly, you will really feel the difference.

Following these steps, along with calling to get your a/c repaired as soon as possible, will help to make a difference to your home. During the summer, it will be miserable in a warm home, so make sure you call to get it reaped as soon as you can.