How to Stay Safe if You Break Down on the Freeway

It’s not uncommon for people to break down on the road when they’re on a road trip, but when your car breaks down on the highway you need to know how to get yourself out of that situation without panicking or worrying. It’s very easy for things to go wrong if there are cars flying past at high speed, and you need to be ready for breakdowns to happen. If you are prepared, there won’t be any need to worry because you’ll know how to handle the situation before you head to a Salt Lake City auto body shop to fix the car! So, with this in mind, here is how to stay safe on the freeway if you break down.

Move Over 

The moment you realize that there is something wrong with the car, move your car over to the shoulder. Steering your vehicle out of the travel lanes if you can will keep you and your car safe, as well as the others safe on the road, too. 

Get Out Of The Car

If you can pull over and it’s safe, make sure that you get out of the car to stay safe. If you can, get behind the guardrail and keep safely away from the rest of the traffic. Oncoming drivers tend to steer toward what they’re looking at, and you need to make sure that people can see your vehicle. Turn on the hazards and put on a reflective vest if you have one. If you can’t exit the freeway, turn on the hazards, call 911 and keep the seatbelt on.

Get Prepared

There are plenty of technological advances in the automotive industry today, and despite these, you may still break down because of a nail in the tire or roadway debris. Be safe by preparing for these kinds of emergencies. Keep tire repair kits handy in the car and make sure that you take your vehicle to an auto shop so that you are sure that it’s maintained.

Emergency Pack

Where possible, ensure that you have an emergency pack in your car. This should include a torch and batteries, reflectors/flares and equipment in case you’re snowed into your car. You should have safety blankets and water, too. Your emergency kit should include a First Aid kit and you should have a spare phone charger, too.

Call For Help

When you are clear of the freeway, assess your situation and call for roadside assistance. They can ensure that you are able to get help for the breakdown and you can get a tow off the road, too. Make sure that you have emergency numbers for help in the car within easy reach, as you will need to ring these numbers to get you safely off the road as soon as possible.

Stay calm when you break down on the freeway and steer away from traffic. If you are prepared for an emergency, you can get through it without panicking and by keeping a clear head on the busy roads.