6 Areas of Technology IT Professionals Have to Know

It’s rare to find a business that doesn’t require help from an expert IT company these days. We’re living in such a digital world now that we require outside help to give us support to stay secure and on trend with the latest developments in technology. 

IT is one of the best fields for high-paying careers and as we continue to move into a world that’s dominated with technology, this is unlikely to change any time soon. Jobs in IT can be rewarding and if you want to hire an expert IT company to support your business, you need to know that they have the right skills. Below, we’ve put together six areas of technology that IT professionals have to know to be able to support businesses correctly.


You may think English is a universal language, but it’s not the only one – especially for IT professionals. HTML and C++ are two of the basic coding languages that any IT professional has to be fluent in to begood at what they do. You may want your website protected at all times and if your IT company has professionals who cannot code, you may want to consider moving on.

App Development

As we said, we are living in an increasingly digital world and that means that your IT company needs to have some level of app development. People don’t just use a computer to surf the internet these days; they do it on the go with their smartphones. You need your business to have an app and this is much easier when you have experts who can work on it!

Communication Skills

If you are using an outsourced IT company to support your business, communication skills are a must. Working across different teams and groups requires a company who can demonstrate effective communication and leadership.

Computer Network Knowledge

IT professionals who know what they’re doing have computer network knowledge. Networking knowledge is a must and it’s an extension of the communication skills necessary to be good at the job. The network administrator should be able to work on IP setup, your modems and routers as well as SQL and PHP networks.

Time Management

An IT company has to work on a lot of projects as part of their job, and for this, they need to have the best possible time management skills. IT companies have to be self-motivated and self-directed and for that, they need to manage projects as well as possible. Pairing this with communication skills, IT professionals need to be able to keep you up to date with their scheduling so you know if you will be dealing with downtime.

Software Quality Assurance

Engineers who are skilled in software quality assurance have to monitor every phase of the development process and this ensures that the software is adhering to the right standards. This area of technology is vital as software delays can cause business interruption, which any IT professional will want to avoid!