Can a Gym Class Keep You Motivated

For some, going to the gym feels like a chore. Of course, you want to be healthy, and you want to be your best self, but how can you stay motivated if you’re not naturally a gym-loving fanatic? Fitness classes are a great way to keep you active and motivated, with several benefits.

Time Flies

Hold a plank for seconds, and it’s the longest thirty seconds of your life. Fitness classes are a great way to keep you distracted from the clock. Before you know it, you’ve put in one sweaty hour without realizing it.

You start with a warm-up, get into the exercise, and finally, it’s time to cool down. An hour fitness class can fly by because you focus on the activity at hand instead of counting time yourself. When you work out alone, you have to mind the time. In a fitness class, the facilitator does that for you so you can focus on putting forth your best.

Set a Schedule

The best way to stay motivated in your fitness goals is to create a plan. We tend to be creatures of habit. A weekly schedule can help keep you on track and even hold you accountable. Fitness classes usually have a set schedule so you can stay on track and create a routine.

A weekly schedule also allows you to add some mixture to your routine to avoid getting bored. Say, for instance, you want to do cardio three times a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Science has shown it is beneficial to switch up your workout, which you can do by trying out different fitness classes. The goal in cardio is to get your heart rate up, so you could do that with Aerobics on Monday, HIIT on Wednesday, and water pilates on Friday. You’ve got options! Classes give you that flexibility.

On-site Motivation

When you’re working out alone, it’s easy to slow the pace or quit if the exercise gets too challenging. In a fitness class, though, your leader is right there to encourage you to keep pushing. They can ensure your form is good, which is always essential. Also, the class instructor is there to remind you how amazing you are and that you can get through it.

Energy feeds energy. You get first-hand high-energy vibes to maintain the tempo when you feel like giving up. Even if you are struggling with a particular workout, chances are you’re not struggling alone. You feel good by encouraging others, and that type of spirit reciprocates the energy right back to you.

Accountability Buddy

After attending classes for a while, you start to see some regulars. You might notice someone in your Zumba class who struggles a bit with rhythm the same way you do. Or maybe you like the way another class goer pushes themselves in HIIT. If something comes up one week and you miss a class, you never know who noticed. The next time someone goes, “Hey! Missed you in class last Monday,” you’ll remember you’re not in this alone. There is potential for a whole new support system.

Fitness classes take the pressure out of having to know what fitness activities to do yourself. Instead, let a trained professional do the preparation work, make some fitness friends, and feel empowered with a steady routine.