A Guide for Planning a Family Friendly Mountain Vacation

Getting out into the mountains is a great way to beat the summer heat, enjoy quiet and solitude, and really enjoy some time with your clan. Look for a great spot with water to play in, trails to hike, and rocks to climb. Finally, bring lots of layered clothing that helps you stay warm in the mornings and evenings.

Find Little Luxuries

If you have access to a resort, look for little ways to celebrate your down time. Go for a hike, enjoy a swim, get some sun, and then get a massage and a facial. A little bit of roughing it can be nicely balanced out by a great skin treatment.

Make Time for Solitude

Unless you are an extreme extrovert who needs constant contact, do your best to make some time for solitude. If you are traveling with children and are parked near your cabin or beside your tent, give your children the option to chill out in silence in the car or set up an extra tent where your child can hang out all on their own. Vacationing to do new, different and fun stuff is common, but children need some solitude too.

Celebrate Silence

A part of going to the woods and mountains is to see some new sights. However, getting out into the woods can also expose you to new sounds and remove the white noise of

  • traffic
  • motors inside appliance in you home
  • electronics

Some people find that getting out into the mountains can be too quiet. You may notice that your child or your spouse struggles to get comfortable in this new quiet place. Encourage them to sit down in a comfortable chair or at the picnic table on your campsite and get accustomed to the silence. Encourage this calming choice any time they, or you, start to feel agitated.

Consider Renting an RV

Not everyone is keen on staying in a resort, and many people cannot tolerate the rigors of sleeping in a tent. Consider renting an RV if you want to do some dry camping off grid but cannot get excited about sleeping on the pad on the ground. This dry camping is also referred to as boondocking.

To do this successfully, you may need to rent an RV with solar panels or a generator. Discuss your goals with the person renting you the RV to see if they have ever boondocked with this rig. If not, you may need to go ahead and rent a campsite with your RV. However, if you can get far enough away from other folks, you can still enjoy some solitude and silence in an RV park.

If you have never driven a big vehicle through the mountains, try to set up the rental in a park that you can drive your own vehicle right to the RV. RV camping can be incredibly freeing and fun.

Your mountain vacation is a wonderful time to enjoy time in nature, solitude, and silence. If you want to rent a private space for your family but need a bit of self care, consider staying at a resort that offers cabins or yurts around the main facility.