5 Ideas on How to Use Brand Ambassadors to Grow Your Company

Some of the most popular brands in the world all share a common trait: they all have an ambassador program. This form of marketing is so effective because it allows companies to become human, thus allowing people to make a connection with the brand. However, smaller companies usually find out that this marketing technique is a lot more difficult than it looks. Thus the following includes five ideas you can begin implementing right now so your ambassador program can help your business grow.

1. Get Them Posting Online

There’s no doubt about it; social media is the place to be if you want as much exposure for your brand as possible. However, constantly posting on your business account can become too overwhelming to your followers and sometimes come off as trying too hard. This is where brand ambassadors come into the picture. Having your brand ambassadors talk about your product/service within their own accounts may help to boost credibility. This is because customers are now finding out about your business through a third party rather than just your company account.

2. Volunteer Your Company

Most mid to large cities will have various events going on throughout the year. A great way to get your company out there is to assign your brand ambassadors to these events. They can volunteer to work water booths or simply greet people at the entrances. However, these events often require a lot of people, and thus hiring brand ambassadors is a challenge you may face. Fortunately, there are services out there that help companies look for people to fill these positions.

3. Have Brand Ambassadors Within Your Store

One of the most common misconceptions regarding brand ambassadors is that they are only useful when they are out in public showing off your brand. The fact is that brand ambassadors can also be very effective within your store. One of the ways you can utilize brand ambassadors in this instance is by simply having them welcome guests at the door and possibly sparking a conversation with them. Because they don’t look like the typical salespersons, customers are much more likely to speak with them about their needs.

4. Use Brand Ambassador to Gather Data

One of the reasons why brand ambassadors are so effective is because they are usually younger, and thus customers are likely to speak to them much more freely. This allows them to gather valuable data regarding their wants and concerns about the company. Using your brand ambassadors as data collectors is a great way to keep your company moving in the right direction.

5. Utilize Influencers

Earlier, we spoke about your brand ambassadors posting on social media about your company. Although that is certainly a good route to take, an additional way to get your company’s message is to use an influence as your brand ambassador. These people won’t necessarily attend events for you or wear your company shirt but will make your brand known to their followers. In fact, many companies often choose this type of brand ambassador to bring onto their team because it is less “in your face” compared to the traditional route.

As you can see from the information above, having brand ambassadors is a great way to help your company continue to grow. Therefore, if you’re a business owner looking to expand your presence, having brand ambassadors on your team is a great route to take.