Here’s What to Know About Recruiting Firms

Over the past year, the world has faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An area that has seen one of the biggest impacts is the hiring sector. With businesses struggling to stay afloat, selecting quality candidates to uplift your company is vital.

Research supports this, with recruitment statistics highlighting that improving the quality of hires is one of the top 5 recruiting priorities of 2021.

Here’s where recruiting firms can step in.

What are recruiting firms?

Recruiting firms essentially take the intensive labour out of head-hunting for your business. A good recruiting firm will take the time to understand your company’s mission and ethos. Then, they’ll find you a candidate that can thrive in this environment and share your goals. 

Some people make the mistake of confusing recruitment firms with labour hire companies. While there may be some overlap, this hiring firm news release illustrates that many recruiting firms are commonly involved with high-level, white-collar hires. These hires are employed directly by the company and are usually designated for permanent roles.

When should you use a recruiting firm?

  • When You’re New to Recruiting

Unfortunately, being a great manager or a successful CEO doesn’t necessarily make you a great recruiter. Particularly if your business is new and you haven’t had a lot of experience with recruitment (or the chance to enlist an internal HR manager), an agency can provide you with direction. For example, a recruiter can distil your description of the role into a succinct job listing that will attract appropriate candidates. When candidates begin applying, the recruiter can also triage resumes, weeding out unsuitable applicants and saving you time.

  • When You’re Concerned with Retention

A worry that many companies have when hiring is retention. No one wants to spend three months training a new staff member only for them to quit or be terminated at the end of the probation period. 

Recruitment agencies can curb this in several ways. Firstly, by choosing a candidate that fits your needs and your business. Well selected candidates are less likely to be at odds with your team culture or unable to meet your business standards.

Secondly, in the instance that your candidate doesn’t work out, recruitment firms often provide a security clause in the form of a guarantee period. This means that if the candidate does not stay with your company for the stipulated amount of time, the recruiting firm will waive their fee or provide you a replacement hire for no extra charge. This security will let you rest easy and focus on other parts of your business.

  • When You’re Hiring in Another Country

With the world becoming an increasingly interconnected place and remote working technologies constantly improving, it’s common for businesses to operate across borders. If you’re set to open a new branch or establishment outside of your home country, you may not have the connections to source the best candidates. A specialist recruiting firm can track down the top local hires, handle any cultural concerns, conduct face-to-face interviews and even scout out office locations for you, all with a more thorough understanding of tax and country laws than your normal HR team might have.

With this brief overview, you can now determine when to enlist in the help of a recruiting firm to support your hiring process in 2021.