Software Development Trends of 2021

Digital evolution has steered tremendous growth when it comes to software development in Texas. Many of these technological changes are driven by market demand and automation of business operations in the healthcare, education, manufacturing, and transport sectors. 

As the world advances in technological innovations, more companies invest in software development to help them remain competitive. 

2021 has seen a significant acceleration in software development as businesses recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Statista, the overall spending in IT enterprise software this year is expected to amount to around $517 billion worldwide, a 10.8% growth from 2020. 

Therefore, for your business to remain productive and competitive, you need to be aware of the current trends in software development and their impacts.

Cloud Technology

By now, you may be aware that cloud technology is not new in the software industry. 2020 saw many businesses adopt remote working, and the cloud facilitated the transition. A 2021 report by Gartner projects public cloud end-user services to rise by 23.1% worldwide. 

Cloud technology has a broad range of services, such as cloud system infrastructure, Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS), Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS), and Cloud Application Services (SaaS). All of these provide efficiency in service delivery, enhance flexibility and protect your systems from cybersecurity threats.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has gained significant growth and popularity in the current global economy. While most people mistake blockchain as a technology exclusively associated with cryptocurrency, it has other diverse functions like digital transactions, supply chain communication, secure data transactions, and even fraud prevention in digital transactions. 

As businesses shift most of their operations in the online space, blockchain might be the safest and fastest way to transact.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been around for some time, and its demand is projected to rise in 2021. Robotics is already taking over in the automation of services in manufacturing, finance, and marketing. 

For example, there is an AI-based software that can write marketing copies and redefine your content strategy. For your business to remain competitive, you will need to adopt predictive analytics and AI algorithms to access customer’s sales data and their preferences.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet has made it possible for companies to collect and transfer data remotely through smart devices, biometric cybersecurity sensors, and mobile platforms. Businesses are integrating the internet of things on almost every part of their operations. 

With the ongoing pandemic, 2021 will see more uses of IoT in the healthcare industry to provide digital and remote health care. Manufacturing companies are investing in producing IoT-enabled products to minimize errors and reduce fatalities through early diagnosis and treatment.

Modern Languages

As technology advances, new programming languages are constantly being developed to match the demands of software engineers. Although Java remains the most stable and top trending software, developers are embracing modern languages such as Rust, Kotlin, Scala, and Go due to their conciseness, expressiveness, and null safety. 

In addition, python has gained greater mileage in software development technology with more opportunities to develop apps and design system operations. Investing in software development in Texas will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in programming languages.

Bottom Line

Software development is going to be big in the coming years. As businesses find more ways to use technological innovations to drive results and growth, the demand for new systems and applications is estimated to rise.