How to Market Your Garage Door Repair Service

The garage door manufacturing industry is expected to accelerate from now until at least 2026. 

If you’re currently in this industry or hoping to join, that means it’s time to ramp up your marketing and establish your brand to take advantage of a booming yet still competitive market.

If you are thinking traditional marketing tactics work, you’ll be out of the market sooner. Digital marketing is the new way of lead generation to get your desired ROI.

Below are three digital marketing tips you can use to dominate the garage door repair service market.

Build an Attractive Website

By the end of today, 547,000 websites will have been added to the existing one billion websites already operating. 

How do you create a website that stands out?

To start with, decide on whether you’ll hire a website designer or do it yourself. If you’re technically savvy, have time on your hands and have an eye for compelling design, you can try creating one yourself. But, if not, it may be worth hiring a professional to create an attractive, user-friendly website for your company. \Your aim now is to create the most beautiful design. 

Why? It’s the first impression for a potential customer. 

Potential customers will judge your professionalism based on how your website looks. If it’s cluttered and hard to navigate, visitors may question your competence. Check out this example website from Garage Door Repair Chesapeake VA, to get an idea of how one should look.

What’s more, if your website is disorganized and challenging to navigate, your bounce rate will be too high, denying you potential leads.

Still, a beautifully designed website doesn’t magically attract visitors. This takes us to the next step.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best strategy to drive organic traffic without spending a dime.

Potential customers find you on search engines when they are looking for information. For instance when you search for the word “lion garage door,” on Google the first result is an article from Garage Door Repair Chesapeake VA.

If someone clicks on that article and finds out that it meets their pain point, they’ll contact the company for a quote. 

These are known as hot leads, meaning they have their credit cards ready to make a purchase after getting the right provider.

There’s also “warm leads,” meaning that visitors are interested but won’t likely take immediate action. You will have to nurture them with blog posts, ebooks, and email follow-ups before they make a purchase decision.

To come up with a robust SEO strategy, embark on keyword research to identify profitable keywords in the garage door industry. Use tools like Ahrefs or Semrush. 

Next, work on a strategic content marketing campaign by writing high-value blog posts. Traffic won’t pick up immediately, but you’ll start gaining traction after a few months of posting.

Google and Facebook Ads

Also known as PPC, this form of marketing allows you to market your garage door repair service in search engine results or Facebook.

PPC is different from SEO because it brings quick results, but you’ll have to pay to reach your target audience.

Google and Facebook ads have one operation model but don’t work similarly. With Google ads, you only pay when a customer clicks on an ad. With Facebook ads, you set a budget for each of a thousand impressions that the ad will receive.

PPC marketing is very effective because it targets users based on the location, search history, and demographic. Therefore, getting leads is faster.

Bottom Line

Marketing is changing fast and it cuts across every industry. The way you’d market a dentist business is very similar in approach to the way you’d market a garage door repair service. 

These tips above are just the tip of the marketing iceberg. But they can increase your ROI if you use them strategically.