Why You Must Avail Remote Database Administration Services for Cost and Time Benefits

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See around; globalization had taken over almost everything from buying overseas to outsourcing your IT operations to offshore venues. In the modern economy, companies are so keen to restrain costs and rationalize their operations to increase competitive advantages. Many organizations focus on better management of their capital and another resource, and outsourcing comes as a boon to them in terms of maximizing benefits while cutting down costs and efforts.

An enterprise database offers suitable storage for inflowing information and helps users search and retrieve the needed information silos as and when needed from anywhere. In this era of business intelligence and analytics, the data is manipulated in various flexible ways to make use of it for business decision-making in tune with your business’s vision, mission, and objectives. For all these, the database must be well taken care of through close monitoring, timely backup, patching, scaling, and troubleshooting without any downtime. All these demands necessitate database outsourcing, and so there is potential growth in remote database administration services.

Role of DBAs 

Database administrators now have a more strategic approach in dealing with the needs for monitoring, patching, and troubleshooting enterprise databases. As the business models and global economy are changing so rapidly, the need for constant database administration moves towards Remote DBA, which helps to protect any burnout and staff turnover in case of DBAs besides the focus on reducing any system weakness and increasing productivity.

The large corporate may typically have in-house teams for database administration with dedicated DBAs to administer and upkeep the databases. On the other hand, small firms may have to share the DBA resources from various areas. In such environments, the DBAs may have to wear many hats with running knowledge of various operating system requirements to work in hand with data architects and database application developers.

Along with these, a DBAs responsibility may also cover database design, performance analysis, fine-tuning of the database, timely backing up of DB, disaster recovery, maintenance of data dictionaries, and most of the time administering the network management tasks and system troubleshooting too. However, the primary responsibility is always ensuring the availability of the database and continued optimization of the data storage infrastructure.

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Why think of availing of remote DBA services?

Considering the above factors, we can see that DBA’s resources and effort are mostly exhausted in low-level administrative tasks, even in the most dynamic development environments. Even though these routine and repetitive tasks are very important to upkeep the database, these are rarely related to the company’s core competencies or revenue generation. When it comes to administering a business through tough economic situations, maintaining an in-house DBA team may be an overhead for many reasons, including restricted IT budgets, leaves, employee turnover, alongside many other reasons to decrease the headcount.

One most compelling reason why most organizations are now considering DBA function outsourcing is to improve their competitive advantages by cutting costs. The most appreciable way to do this is to avail managed services, including remote database administration processes. Companies are largely looking forward to automating their processes, including database administration. However, databases are exclusive. It is important to ensure enterprise databases’ security and privacy, so you need to make a very careful consideration while trying to avail an expert, reliable remote database administration services. Here comes the relevance of providers like RemoteDBA.com offering expert remote DBA services to a wide range of clients.

ROI of remote DBA services

As we have seen, to cut the cost of IT operation and optimize the performance, enterprises are now largely availing of remote DBA solutions. Professional and experienced remote DBAs will help organizations increase their productivity at a fraction of cost and be competitive in the highly demanding business environment. Other benefits of remote database administration are maintaining institutional integrity and reducing the chances of any system vulnerability.

A reliable remote database administration service can provide a significant ROI, including:

  • Fixed cost: In fact, remote DBA may not be largely less expensive than the in-house DBAs. However, these services may be delivered at a set contractual price, which will allow you to have better financial planning for the IT expenses.
  • Improving productivity of your team: The skilled IT workforce, who may have otherwise been used for the in-house DBA, can be deployed into more revenue-producing and business-critical tasks, which will expedite the growth of the business as a whole.
  • Effective resolution of technical problems: With remote DBA services committed to providing you 24×7 administrative support, you can enjoy the benefits of minimum downtime and quick resolution of problems and quickly attend to user requests and minimal performance-related challenges.
  • 24×7 availability: When enterprises try to pursue outsourcing administration and developmental tasks, the time zone differences and workday gaps may cause delays in the response times. Most of the time, it may also need to make the in-house staff work on off-hours and off-days. However, an onshore remote database administration may eliminate all these challenges as they usually offer support on a 24×7 basis, and you can reach them for support anytime.
  • Usage of advanced and state-of-the-art remote monitoring tools: When you plan to outsource the administrative services to remote DBA, it will eliminate the overhead of maintaining any expensive database monitoring tools in house. Adding to it, a remote DBA service will always be keen to deploy the most advanced technological tools to gain a competitive advantage for their business.
  • Mentoring: Along with all these, the expert DBAs working at the remote provider’s end will also help guide your IT managers and corporate decision-makers in terms of adopting new technologies and keeping you updated about the latest approaches to enterprise database administration.

As increasing the mileage of an organization’s financial resources is the primary concern of any IT enterprise today, availing remote DBA can surely be a sustainable and highly cost-effective approach to take your database coverage and performance to the next level.