MSPs Serve Their Clients, But Often Forget About Themselves

MSPs are always happy to serve their clients, but they may neglect some essential aspects of their own businesses. MSPs should make it their job to have all technical equipment in order, especially with remote work. With many IT companies offering quality services, a managed service provider needs to invest in their own business in order to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s have a look at some things we forget to do as MSPs that can make a big difference.

Document everything

If all MSPs remembered to document everything, they would learn that a documented process is a useful process. With great data collection, we can look for ways to make our lives easier by identifying and changing out of date processes. MSPs should consider documenting everything from the onboarding of a new client to your training programs. Making life easier for ourselves is a great start to taking better care of ourselves.

Take advantage of automation

By using automated programs and processes, you can maximize your employee effectiveness by not having them work on simplistic tasks. Having all your technical equipment in order serves your clients’ best interests, but also makes life better for you. Studies have shown in the past that companies with PSA and RMM tools command higher rates and renew more clients.

Move to proactive management systems

One thing that is sometimes debated among MSPs is whether it is actually important to move to proactive network systems. The answer is yes for several reasons. Having a proactive management system in place allows you to spot small problems before they become big problems. By keeping your own systems safe, you’re protecting your clients and their data as well.

Invest in branding

One of the things overlooked by MSPs is branding. As a tech company, marketing is critical to getting business. It’s important to put funding into the perfect business cards, your logo, and great well-written content. This can have a big impact on your business, and it doesn’t have to take a large budget either. There are many great freelance websites with talent that you can source for your projects, such as Upwork or 99 Designs.

Keep on top of monitoring

Monitoring our servers is extremely important for cybersecurity and productivity. It is important to have a service that provides automated monitoring of your infrastructure. We need our technology up-to-date and working great today more than ever before. This is especially true in times of need, like working remote away from COVID-19 or events that may disrupt businesses.

The email argument

Checking and monitoring email often takes a lot of the workday for many businesses. A quality email management software that can sort emails and assign them to employees or in folders can save a lot of time. It can also go a long way to making sure that no email gets looked over or missed by being buried in an inbox.

You don’t need big team to be successful if you’re able to maximize your resources through a few simple changes. Making life easier for MSPs is helping them to not forget they need to invest in their own business as much as their do for their clients.